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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-02
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company authorized by the Guangzhou Municipal Government to operate and manage state-owned assets. It is mainly engaged in research and development (R﹠D), manufacturing and It is a large-scale enterprise group integrating science, industry and trade, which is supported by Guangzhou City. Owned by GP Corp.“Guangzhou Pharmaceutical”and“Baiyun Mountain”Two listed companies and nearly 30 member companies. Ingor 18 years of professional group clothing customization series include: couples leisure suits, sports T-shirts, tops, trousers, shorts, jackets, leisure sports series, outdoor sports series, golf series, basketball badminton net series, business series, volleyball series, Table tennis series, sports shoes series, bag/cap/socks series, trousers series, etc. 17 years of professional group clothing customization. Ingor can provide clothing samples and proofing boards at any time. Friends who want to know more can provide the address and send new albums for free! We sincerely welcome calls and letters, no matter how far or near, to discuss cooperation. Ingor Sports T-Shirt 28853/28854—Sports meeting is required. Color: Chinese Red/Elegant Blue/Forest Green/Noble Purple Fabric: Icy Silk Embossed Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester Style Highlights: Chinese Dragon Bravely faces the rapids, looming, sports fashion printing not only reflects the spirit, but also There is a different charm, the color is very eye-catching, the fit and breathability are extraordinary, a variety of multi-color colors bring you different choices, and the same style of pants will have a more beautiful effect. It is a masterpiece of Ingor 's sportswear group purchase series. Fabric features: The fabric has the function of technical moisture absorption and perspiration, high strength and elastic recovery ability, strong wrinkle resistance and long-term non-deformation, a certain sense of stiffness, easy to wash and dry, good color fastness, no fading, No shrinkage, bright and bright, with excellent textile performance and wearability. Let's see what other customers are using it!·Guangdong Provincial State Administration of Taxation·Guangzhou Tianhe Education Bureau·Mengniu Group·PetroChina·24-hour customer service hotline of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: If you are interested in or have any questions about the customization of the above group sportswear, please click the online customer service on the right side of the contact us page, or call: 4008-098-078, Ingor ——Your whole-hearted procurement consultant. ------ Responsible editor: Ingor sportswear customization consultant As an online customer service, facing customers from all over the country every day, I receive every visitor seriously, when you walk into our website, when you contact us When any customer service communicates online, I believe, I really believe, you will definitely feel our intentions and sincerity!
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