Guangzhou ingor knitting: healthy underwear manufacturers should have these 5 advantages

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-21
Women's underwear, especially seamless knitted women's underwear, has become popular in China in recent years and is widely welcomed by the public. Seamless women's underwear is also one of the pillar industries in Guangzhou. There are also many new underwear factories in Guangzhou in recent years. . The business of many underwear factories is not sluggish, and the management is also chaotic, and there are many disputes with customers. How can the underwear factory develop healthily and how can it be recognized by customers?

In today's high-efficiency and fast-paced era, teamwork is also a method adopted by many companies, including underwear factories. Ingorsports currently has more than 350 employees working on an assembly line, so ingorsports also adopts team cooperation to complete the production of women's underwear.

Professional people do professional things, everyone makes the best of their own skills, and effective connection greatly improves work efficiency. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, as the representative of Guangzhou underwear processing industry, the order volume is increasing continuously, and the feedback from customers is also praised... Ingorsports believes that a healthy underwear manufacturer should have these 5 major advantages.

1. Simple and honest team atmosphere.

The simple and honest team atmosphere has always been advocated and practiced in Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports. Everyone should be serious and responsible in work. Everyone has a heavy burden, and everyone has indicators on their heads. In the process of underwear production and processing, there are contradictions between each other, so that the right thing is not the right person. If problems are found in the work, they should be corrected in time, always prepared, and obey the work transfer arrangements of the underwear factory.

2. Independent research and development capabilities, able to provide customers with high-quality underwear products and services.

ingorsports has an independent research and development team, and launches 8-10 new styles every day. Our women's underwear products have always been loved by customers and imitated by peer underwear factories, but we ingorsports have always been at the forefront. Worrying about the needs of customers, considering the concerns of customers, customer satisfaction is also the driving force for the development of our ingorsports underwear factory.

3. Guarantee the quality and promote the delivery time to make customers satisfied.

Doing a good job in the quality of women's underwear and fulfilling customer orders on time and in quantity are the prerequisites for establishing trust between an underwear factory and customers. Especially for foreign trade export women's underwear orders, the delivery time cannot be guaranteed, the quality cannot be guaranteed, no matter how many customers will run away.

4. Have a long-term perspective on customers and be flexible.

Some underwear factories have requirements for customer orders, which is not difficult to understand, but cannot be one size fits all for all customers, pay attention to some potential customers to focus on training. Maybe the first few orders of such customers are not large, but the number of orders gradually increases in the later period, and such customers should be focused on training.

5. Keep pace with the times and focus on the future.

We should continue to pay attention to the new trends, new materials, new processes, etc. of the women's underwear processing industry, improve the processing technology of women's underwear, and don't be too conservative. At the same time do a good job in the maintenance of old customers.

Because of this, ingorsports underwear factory has been developing for 17 years and its performance has always been booming. Customers are also willing to trust us ingorsports and cooperate with us ingorsports. Ingorsports underwear factory has always been trusted by new and old customers! consult

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