Guangdong Youth Sports Federation - To develop national sports, you and I can't be late!

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-19
The venue sign-in is the first provincial youth sports non-profit private non-enterprise non-governmental organization in Guangdong—The Guangdong Youth Sports Federation held its first member representative meeting at the Guangdong Sports Bureau on the morning of April 11 this year. Relevant leaders of the State Sports General Administration, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the Provincial Social Organization Administration will attend the conference. About 150 members from sports departments of 21 prefecture-level cities and Shunde District of the province, education departments of some cities, enterprises, media units, primary and secondary schools, sports schools at all levels, youth sports clubs, and ordinary individuals will participate in the meeting. . The meeting of the participating representatives led the official establishment of the federation, which is a major measure in response to the national deployment of youth sports work. The Federation will face the whole society, inspire young people to love and participate in sports, enhance physical fitness, and promote physical and mental health. The biggest highlight of the federation is that through the guidance of policies, it integrates and revitalizes the resources of all sectors of society, and with the help of social forces, it provides sports competition platforms, physical exercise venues and multi-level and diversified sports services for the majority of young people, so as to promote the physical health and comprehensive development of young people. . Group photo of member representatives of the first conference Ingor Sportswear The first chairman of the conference was held by Gao Jingping, a member of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau's party group, deputy director, a member of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau's party group and deputy director, and congratulations to our company, Mr. Luo Kui, for serving as the first federation Vice president. Ingor Sportswear will continue to pay attention to China's sports trends and respond to the country's“National fitness, you and I go together”call to“Fashion team clothing leading brand”for their own responsibility. The hard-working volunteers at the venue have now received extensive support from all walks of life. As the unit of Mr. Luo Kui, the vice president of the Guangdong Youth Sports Federation——Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Supplies Co., Ltd. provided free meeting volunteer clothing. The federation will continue to accept social organizations, units, and people of insight from all walks of life to join hands to make joint contributions to Guangdong youth sports. To develop the cause of national sports, you and I have no time to delay! Article recommendation: group purchase of ski suits
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