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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-14
Good news spreads frequently, Guangzhou ingorsports has obtained two more invention patent filings

A few days ago, the Guangzhou Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology reviewed and approved 2 new provincial new product development projects of our company: lyocell linen/antibacterial fiber sweat-absorbing, deodorant and comfortable yoga clothes for women clothes, seaweed/viscose fiber healthy skin-friendly antibacterial body panties.

Guangzhou ingorsports Socks Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, the company has been focusing on seamless underwear processing for 20 years, focusing on the production of seamless clothing including sports bras, body underwear, camisole, yoga clothes for women clothes, sports tops, thermal underwear and other seamless series of products. The company's existing factory area exceeds 20,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees, including more than 50 managers with intermediate skills or above. The company has introduced more than 130 sets of Italian SANGIACOMO international advanced computer jacquard knitting machines and more than 330 sets of high-end equipment imported from Japan, with an annual output of more than 12 million pieces of various garments. The company's sales revenue in 2018 exceeded 150 million yuan.

The company invests a lot of research and development funds every year. At present, the company has nearly 40 patented products for seamless underwear appearance, one of which has obtained the national invention patent and six of which have obtained the utility model patent. Won the 'Famous Trademark of Jinhua City'. The company has successively won the Jinhua City-level 'High-tech EnterpriseHonorary titles such as 'Contract-honoring 'Unit'', 'Top Ten Brands of Underwear in China

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