glossier: emily weiss\'s makeup for cool girls

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-22
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Jeff Brown\'s Emily Weiss photo for Bloomberg Businessweek, \"Can you play sexy music again?
Emily Weiss asked her driver. The 29-year-
Arguably The most respected beauty site on The Internet, The old founder of Into The Gloss sits in The back seat of Mercedes. Benz on Oct.
With her friend, Canadian model Coco boudley.
This is the release day of Wes\'s new cosmetics collection, gloer, they are handmade
Provide box products to Twitter and Instagram enthusiasts and celebrity acquaintances (including Ashley Olsen) randomly selected around New York City.
Weiss is wearing dark skinny jeans, a gray jersey and Zara boots.
Her short brown hair was pulled back to a small ponytail with no makeup marks on her skin.
This is Wes\'s stuff, part of the reason her 1 million readers admire and trust her to tell them which products really work.
Between delivery-
The immigration department has a more glossy pop-up with happy lip gloss fans, Wes and bauddelle incubation plansup shop.
\"Wouldn\'t it be cool if we all wore pink lab coats?
Wes said that when she switched on various social media accounts, she monitored the public\'s response to the line\'s debut, which she first announced on Instagram.
\"Maybe we can get the white ones somewhere and dye them.
\"Since the establishment of Gloss four years ago, Weiss has built a reputation around intelligence, conversation reviews and beauty tips and intimate interviews with friends and relationships.
Models, actresses and young professionals love her, and shine often posts from guests like Iman, Kelly Closs and Selena Gomez.
Wes\'s personal article, and the confession of these celebrities
\"All these hairs are not mine,\" Gomez revealed \";
Closs admitted that her skin was \"very dry\"
Give the site a bland feeling that sets it apart from the glut of blogs and YouTube tutorials.
\"The way you make up is very refreshing and very strange.
You are also very beautiful!
\"In a 2011 post on Wes\'s minimalist beauty habits, one reviewer is gushing.
\"This is by far the most honest and meaningful article I have ever read --
To be honest, it made me cry, \"responded another person who introduced Glossier.
Site get 8.
5 million page views per month, with over 100,000 Twitter followers and nearly 200,000 Instagram followers.
Wes won\'t talk about revenue, but he says Gloss has been profitable since day one.
The company has 19 employees and plans to develop to 50 within a year.
Including 22-year-
The former reader is Lindsay Manas, manager of the old office. “I saw [Weiss]
Manas said: \"Tell her on the subway, \'I am very excited to be around you for even five seconds. \'\".
\"She asked me who I was and if I had a job.
Wei Si grew up in Wilton, Connecticut.
I don\'t remember how she began to like fashion and beauty.
\"My parents are not particularly interested in fashion or pop culture.
\"My mother is a talkative person,\" she said . \"
15 years old, through a baby
Sitting together, Wes got an internship at the women\'s design department on Ralph Lauren\'s Black Label.
A few years later, as a sophomore in art at New York University, she crammed all the classes into two working days so she could practice at TeenVogue.
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Tongue tip 1 set ($80)
Including a soothing facial mist, a start-up moisturizer, skin tones and an ointment called Balm Dotcom, shot by Bloomberg Businessweek Jeff Brown on 2010, Wes believes, no beauty blog was able to \"be smart and fun\", nor to capture the personality and expertise she came into contact with stylists and makeup artists in the fashion world.
\"It\'s not just how to get the perfect smoky eye,\" says Wes . \".
\"I\'m interested in why people choose to show their psychology in some way.
\"She decided to start her own beauty site, invest $700 and hire a friend to program it.
A mentor at Teen Vogue suggested that she sell ads to Kerry Diamond, who was then a Lancome executive.
\"Emily wrote to ask if she could meet the next day,\" Diamond recalled . \".
\"I told her this was not the case, but she was very persistent and said, \'Please, just five minutes.
The Diamond gave in.
\"When she turned on the laptop, it poured out of the laptop like angels, unicorns and beams,\" Diamond said . \" He refers to the layout, content and quality of the Wes modelup.
\"I feel like she just showed me what the beauty industry has been waiting.
Lancome agreed to advertise on Gloss, followed by several companies.
The site was immediately welcomed and Wes soon became a beauty celebrity --
Bobbi Brown in the Centennial Edition.
The logical next step is to build an actual product line, for which she raised $10 million from investors such as Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, who supported several e-commerce companies
Popular business including the brand Bonobos and Birchbox.
Wes also hired former venture capitalist Henry Davis as chief operating officer.
\"This is someone who has such an amazing audience, brand positioning and trust in potential customers,\" Davis said . \".
\"This is a very compelling opportunity.
When gloer was announced, Weiss turned to a virtual audience and relied on fans to spread the word.
\"I need to buy @ glossier Phase1 so I can evolve to @ EmilyWWeiss faster.
A fan wrote on Twitter.
\"Trying to play cool in the mailroom, but I know my @ glossier bag is somewhere there,\" tweeted a second later.
Another follower embroidered the glove logo on her jeans and posted a photo.
Cosmetics production line targeting 18to 34-year-
Olds includes four package products for $80: soothing facial spray, start-up moisturizer, perfect skin tone and ointment called Balm Dotcom.
More will be added over time.
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Coco bauddelle, model $454 billion and personal-
The care industry dominated by giants such as L\'Oreal and Estee Lauder is a bold move.
Wes was not intimidated.
\"There are great products in the world, endless products,\" she said . \".
\"But there are very few contexts.
Without the brand I like, I want to buy every product, put on their jerseys and carry their tote bag.
Wes added, \"Beauty is emotional --
I don\'t know. it\'s not like cat food.
The target customer of most cosmetics companies is magazine advertising, promising to beautify the agedefying magic.
But that strategy is out of date.
\"We need a beauty brand that is not a dictatorship,\" said Wes . \".
\"More reflection of the Internet, pop culture, feminism --
Something more free
Glossier\'s moisturizer is light and fast
Absorb, and the tone is easy to mix without leaving residue.
But Wes did not think about the quality of the cosmetics, she developed cosmetics for more than 9 months with the help of an industry chemist. (
She won\'t reveal who he is. )
Instead, she talks about creating \"a brand where you can be friends \".
\"Glossier mood board nailed to the wall of Weiss\'s SoHo ventilation penthouse office includes photos of the model and is also a classic photo of Beverly Hills police
Eddie Murphy\'s time
The sign for the bathroom says: \"inclusive, innovative, smart, fun, thoughtful.
Stickers are available for each product, including the Cherry, heart, stars and bubble letter gloer logo.
\"My inspiration came from when I was a teenager,\" explains Wes . \".
\"You know, what you see as a woman, it makes you smile.
To represent Glossier, Weiss chose four models based on their lively Instagram feed.
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Wes\'s website has 1 million visitors per month, Diamond said, \"I think women respond to Emily because she is very concerned about the individual . \".
\"Not makeup first;
Skin care is the first.
Looks like yourself.
It\'s not entirely Beyoncé\'s \"I wake up like this,\" but \"I wake up like this and put on a little cover cream \".
Two weeks after the official release of Glossier, Weiss held a party in the Lower East Side of New York to celebrate the hard work of her team.
The company will not release initial sales, but said it has turned 28 000 new Instagram fans into customers.
The crowded room was filled with pink balloons.
The blonde with dark lipstick has a cocktail with children with blue hair and perforated diaphragm.
\"This is perfect --
It\'s like a high school dance, \"said Wes, a little drunk with joy.
She was wearing a pearl cream.
The color number of 1920 s, which is not coordinated with the white sports bra, she put on after realizing that the dress was seen --through.
A gray H & M jersey is tied to her waist.
Everyone else looks ridiculous, but Wes is beautiful enough and confident to finish it.
She walked outside for a while and came back.
\"I just told security that I\'m the CEO and that he should let everyone in,\" Wes said . \".
\"I don\'t want people waiting in line --I hate lines.
This party is for everyone.
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