german woman kicked out of gym because her crop top was ‘too revealing’

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-29
A German woman was kicked out of the gym as her fitness crop top was labeled \"too exposed\" and \"distracting.
22-year-old Marny posted a photo of a fitness outfit that was considered inappropriate on Twitter, and many Twitter users were angry at the gym\'s decision.
She wrote: \"I just got kicked out of the gym because my clothes were too\" exposed (see photo)
Confused the men in the gym.
What century have we reached? So sad.
She later sent a series of tracking.
She explained the encounter to her followers on Twitter.
She told her followers that she did not want to name and humiliate the gym because it was not a chain store but a local one, but she revealed that the gym was located in konstantz, Germany.
As people share their support for Marny online, the tweet has attracted hundreds of comments and over 1,700 likes.
She and her boyfriend went to the gym as usual, and she decided to wear a new sports top with bare skin of a few centimeters on her belly.
Marny told Sun Online: \"I have been a member of that gym for more than two years and I used to wear joggers and T-shirts there to exercise.
\"However, I have a New Year\'s resolution this year to go to the gym a lot, so I bought the right gym gear and the material is better.
When she was working on the treadmill, Marny said, a female trainer approached her and told her \"She can\'t train like this \".
She said: \"Because I didn\'t know what she meant, I just looked at her in confusion.
\"She told me, \'You can\'t wear a sports bra.
I was shocked because it is not a sports bra, even if it is a sports bra, why not?
\"She now tells the gym staff that she wants to disqualify and will not come back.
She said: \"The funny thing is that I used to go through the same clothes in the gym and nobody said a word to me, so I never thought about it.
\"Unfortunately, these things are clearly still happening,\" she said.
\"It feels like we are back in Victorian times.
\"Marny said on Twitter that she was told that men were not allowed to wear vests either, but she said that every time she was there she would see that men in vests were never asked to leave.
\"None of my friends know this \'rule\' and I don\'t think anyone else knows it,\" she said.
\"I \'ve seen girls wear the same clothes in the gym before and they\'re not told anything.
I \'ve also seen people wearing tanks, which looks unfair.
The gym is much more tolerant of men than women.
\"Marny decided to quit the gym there and then quit immediately after the ordeal.
She added: \"She also told me that in that gym my\" clothes distract others \"and I thought it was ridiculous.
\"I mean, I would feel OK if she said something else, but this?
No, this is not a good reason.
\"Marny has joined a new gym since then.
\"When I called them (new gym)
The woman on the phone laughed when asking if I could wear a sports bra because she thought I was joking.
\"But I told her about me and she couldn\'t believe it.
I can wear it, of course, she said-it\'s the right sportswear.
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