gemma collins strips down to her bra to run to the top of la canyon with her ex charlie king as she vows to slim down and crack hollywood

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-06
She lost a lot of weight.
In Los Angeles, she lost her mission as part of her efforts to break Hollywood.
On Sunday, 38-year-old Gemma Collins took off her sports bra and sprinted to the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles with her predecessor, former TOWIE star Charlie King.
The 31-year-old Gemma and Charlie, who dated the show in 2013 and a year later, revealed he was gay --
He was seen encouraging her during her journey as a personal trainer.
Gemma took a video of herself halfway through her trip and she said: \"Actually, we started there.
I will tell you when I get to the top of the mountain.
Then Charlie shot Gemma in neon green T-
She growled her shirt: \"No one will climb the canyon faster than GC!
Then Gemma jumped off her top and sprinted the last few feet in her sports bra, shouting, \"I made it, I made it.
She filmed several other strangers she met at the top of the mountain and they were all very congratulatory.
Wearing beautiful little leggings, Gemma called Runyon Canyon \"Runyon Canyon\" and she was happy to walk all the way to the top of the mountain.
\"It\'s so important to keep me healthy,\" she said.
This is mental health awareness week. walking can help many people.
Satisfied with her new work.
She found confidence, put the camera on her slim body and proudly said: \"I have never worn a crop top before.
Exercise is good for the heart, brain and blood.
My people in Los Angeles get along very well.
I\'m so happy.
I never thought I \'d be on top. I feel free.
No matter where you are, any girl or man.
Put on your crop top and start walking.
I feel like an inspirational person today.
I inspired myself.
\"I hope I can inspire people who want to start working out and don\'t know where to start working out.
\"We can\'t all be Victoria\'s Secret models, but we can learn to love ourselves and appreciate our bodies,\" she continued.
We have to take care of them.
Gemma then filmed the Hollywood logo and said that despite a lot of blows along the way, she had the full will to peak in all aspects.
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