fury after facebook bans ad showing everyday struggle of women squeezing breasts into ill-fitting bras because ‘it may cause offence’… so what do you think?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-27
FACEBOOK sparked anger after banning an ad that showed women trying to get caught up in their daily struggles with diseasefitting bras.
The Australian lingerie brand Berlei\'s ad describes a series of women\'s struggles with bras in their daily lives --
Whether it\'s trying to wear a sports bra or handle strap traces.
Facebook and Instagram, however, see the ad as \"offensive \". com. Au reports.
Berlei added that Facebook banned the ad because of \"pixelated nudity, apparently paying attention to bouncing breasts and over-amplified images.
A statement from the company added: \"advertising highlights the everyday reality of women in an honest and authentic way.
\"Like the bra itself, advertising is designed to empower women to take care of themselves and invest in them.
Although Youtube originally banned the ad
Since then, it has returned to its original appearance and has received some positive comments.
One user said: \"This advertisement is great, it is emphasized, and the information is interesting and clear.
Another wrote: \"This is the best advertisement I have ever seen in my life . \"
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