from mastectomy to maternity, sun readers lavish love on their favourite bras

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-09
A good bra is a real close friend.
The Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly recently revealed that she slept in her room-and thought it was to keep her chest healthy.
We all have our own favorites, quirks and habits.
But is the head and shoulders of a bra higher than other bras in your small drawer?
Here, six women tell Lynsey Clarke and Claire Dunwell what their favorite bras mean to them. . .
And why they can never give it up.
Emily makin underwent mastectomy in July after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The full-
The mother of the two children had surgery to remove her right breast and said that wearing her Amina breast resection bra reminded her that she was cancer --free.
Emily, 28, lives in Wigan with her husband Andy, an agent named Andy, three-year-old son Harrison and two sons Freddie said: \"Although I have a breast, I feel normal in a mastectomy bra.
Its size is 38D and I put a prosthesis on one side.
Everything feels good when I wear it.
The clothes fit well and make me feel feminine and confident.
\"When I felt a lump in my breast, I was 27 years old.
It seems to appear overnight.
I rarely check myself because \"I don\'t think I\'m too young to get breast cancer.
I had surgery as soon as I was diagnosed and then had four months of chemotherapy and 15 radiotherapy sessions.
\"It was only later that I thought of buying a mastectomy bra-until a few months ago I went to buy a dress for a friend\'s wedding.
When I tried on the dress under my mastectomy bra, it gave me a better shape.
\"My hair fell out during my treatment and while it grew back, the bra made me feel more feminine.
\"Now, I wear a mastectomy bra on special occasions, but at home, I don\'t wear a bra.
Andy doesn\'t care if I wear a bra.
He loves me like I do.
Massage therapist Kerrie Newton has always been very self
Realized her 32B chest.
Five years ago, she paid £ 70 for her Marlies Dekkers bra and felt more confident when she put it on.
Kerrie, 41, and Jimmy Campbell, a 45-year-old PE teacher who lives in Barnet, north London, said: \"My favorite bra makes me stand higher, feel more charming, and feel more confident
While this won\'t make my chest look bigger, it\'s all a matter of detail.
\"The straps sparkled and I\'m not worried if they\'re on the show because they look beautiful.
\"When I was in elementary school, my chest grew very fast and I was one of the first girls to have a chest.
\"I was a B cup when I was 12, but as I got older and grew taller, they didn\'t get bigger.
\"I\'m obsessed with my chest and imagine how good my body would be if I had a bigger one.
\"When I was a teenager, I wore a fantastic bra that was too small in size because it gave me a better cleavage.
I will even insert the gel into the padded cup.
I feel really uncomfortable.
\"Four years ago, when I met Jimmy, I told him that I was not the right girl for him if he preferred a woman with a bigger chest.
Luckily, he is more like a man with legs and never bothered by the size of my bra.
\"He likes my favorite bra as much as I do.
I think it\'s sexy, confident and inviting.
\"Sabine Roll-
32-year-old Cohen, wearing her sexy black 32B lace bra, met 40-year-old DJ husband, Beto Cohen, who has been together since then.
The couple, who have been married for two years, live in goldesgreen, north London, with two sons, Harry.
\"Five years ago, when I met Beto at a nightclub, I was wearing my favorite Victoria Secret bra,\" Sabine said.
I felt sexy and confident because the bra gave me a good shape and a good cleavage.
\"My friend owned the club and introduced me to DJ Beto that night.
There is a strong spark and an instant attraction.
The bra must have played a big role.
\"Two days later, Beto saw my bra correctly for the first time.
He liked it very much and I went out and bought it in a different color.
He told me that black is his favorite, so I always wear the most.
\"I like to wear flip flops, jeans and T-shirts
Shirt, but still feels sexy if my lace bra is under.
It makes the simplest dress sexy as well because I feel good in it.
\"Because my bra has been worn for so long, I only wear it on special occasions, like a date night.
\"If I asked Bento to choose which underwear I should wear, he would choose this one every time.
\"I cherish my bra very much because it has a lot of good memories.
Even if it was old and broken, I wouldn\'t throw it away.
Granny Gemima Slade was sworn by her cheap \"magic --and-
Primark sports bra. The 47-year-
The old barber from Marylebone, central London, thinks it helps her change her body.
She said: \"My chest is 34B and I like to have a sports bra that can support me when I exercise, but shows the assets I have.
\"I started wearing this simple black sports bra six years ago.
In the past, I spent a lot of money on expensive sports bras and found them destroyed in the washing machine.
I decided to try this cheaper option, a set of £ 10 which is now my favorite.
\"I had a bad break three years ago --up.
Later, I felt like an old Hagar and decided to focus on me and my body.
I started running again.
\"My sports bra came with me.
It\'s like a familiar friend who gives me the support I need to feel better about myself.
\"It gives me confidence that I have dropped from 12 to 8.
I wear it when I win the Lady district of superhero 5 k charity run in Regent Park.
It holds my breast correctly and there is no connection, so your chest won\'t be poked when you exercise.
\"It made me healthier when I was 47 than when I was 17.
It\'s not just a bra for me, it has the magic power! \"FULL-
Mom, Cassandra Barato, is feeding her three children. month-
The old daughter, Arya, believes her comfortable mother care bra can help them establish a connection.
Cassandra, 31, who is single and lives in Kingsbury, northwest London, said: \"My maternity dress fits perfectly and is able to provide food to Arya anytime, anywhere, reinforcing our connections.
The bra is soft and comfortable. I like blue.
Many maternity bras are pure white and feel special.
\"I was on the 36 th before I was pregnant.
I had to add a size when I bought a maternity dress.
I tried to wear my regular bra when Arya was born, but because they were too strict it was difficult to eat normally.
\"As soon as I change into a maternity dress, it will be much easier to feed and much more comfortable.
It has clips on the unwound Cup, so I can be careful when I feed.
\"If I had to fight the straps on the regular bra, I wouldn\'t feed confidently in public.
\"Breastfeeding helped me to connect with Arya and if it weren\'t for my maternity dress, I wouldn\'t have the ease or freedom to feed her anywhere or at any time.
\"It\'s so versatile.
Even if I stop breastfeeding, I wear it all the time.
\"Haley Bube, 36, wore her favorite bra day and night for comfort. The 24-year-
Old cleaners and 25-year-old husband Lawrence, Carpenter, 7-year-old greys and 2-year-old Rosanna live in Ashford, Kent.
Hayley said: \"My favorite bra is Asda, and although it has two packs, I like black the most. It is so comfy.
If it is in the washing machine, I will change it to another one. \"Bigger-
The woman in the chest doesn\'t have the same choice in underwear, so I insist on wearing my favorite.
The smaller bra is more beautiful and has more options.
\"I want to make my husband look good, but I hate buying bras because it\'s stressful to find the right one.
\"When I was 17 years old with Gracie, my chest went up to 34 hours and my chest has been very big since having Rosanna.
\"Finding a good bra is a problem because they are either too fit or cut into my skin.
\"Even in the evening, I felt very uncomfortable to go without a bra.
If I turn over in bed, my chest is everywhere.
They\'re not just sitting on my chest, they\'re also sitting under my arm, so I\'m wearing a bra under my pajamas.
This is the only way I can get a good night\'s sleep.
\"I\'m most happy wearing my favorite bra.
I was afraid that one day it was old and shabby and I had to throw it away.
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