from having the right socks to tracking your progress, reach your fitness goals with our ultimate guide to running

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-22
The clock has jumped forward, which means it\'s officially up and running.
Now that the night is relaxed, I wish you good luck walking out the front door without being surpassed by a passing jogger.
But maybe it\'s time to say to yourself, \"If you can\'t beat them, join them.
\"As more of us go out for a run than ever before, research has shown that jogging can help us feel happier, cope with stress, and help lose weight, improve memory, even add years to your life.
For those who like to give it a try but don\'t know where to start, here\'s the ultimate running guide for fitness editor Jenny Francis.
The most important thing for a novice is good shoes.
You want to be as comfortable as possible and blister
Free. -at first.
Under Armour has introduced running trainers with a \"cage and core\" system, which means they have a good buffer capacity and are light in weight.
They also have a Bluetooth pod that connects to your phone so you can track your running data and get feedback about your stride, speed, etc.
Who doesn\'t want to make excuses for a new suit?
A decent running wardrobe will help your performance and boost your confidence.
A strong sports bra is essential.
Reebok has a range of bright running gear at a good price.
The smartwatch will be your new best friend to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated.
Fitbit Inspire HR keeps track of your heart rate, number of steps and location and offers more than 15 targets-
Motion-based modes to choose from, including guided breathing tutorials.
Yes, I mean socks.
They can be said to be as important as a good coach.
Buy a decent pair and you will wave goodbye to those blisters and sore soles.
If you are running outside the UK, you need to be prepared.
Get a light weight, water-
When the wet and windy weather starts, it looks like a wear-resistant jacket to wear.
Looking for a playlist but thinking your cunning ballad won\'t cut it?
Fortunately, there are apps that will prepare you to take to the streets with your own custom beats.
Play RockMyRun for free on iOS and Android, play music while you\'re running, but there\'s a smart bonus-it will match the song to your running speed.
Just choose your favorite genre and skip any songs you don\'t like.
Getting up and running is not easy when you feel tired-so sign up for an event to keep you motivated.
If you want something more fun than a simple race, why not book tickets for the run festival for you and your family?
This year, RunFestRun, Britain\'s largest new party, was formally established. The first-of-its-kind three-
The day camping festival includes organized running, Olly Murs, Razorlight and other people\'s live music, food stalls, PE classes, bars and lectures from top British gourmets.
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