Former Goldman Sachs bankers left to create yoga apparel brands

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-28
How hot is yoga clothing? Some people even gave up the attractive position of Goldman Sachs, the world's top investment bank, and started the yoga apparel business. At one time, Canada's Lululemon was a unique player in the yoga industry, but now it is competing. Sports giants Nike and Adidas are both promoting their yoga products, Gap's Athleta, prana, which has just been acquired by outdoor brand Colombia, and many emerging brands are competing for this increasingly hot sportswear market. According to BI, Rishi Bali is from the Himalayan mountains in India and has been practicing yoga with family and friends since childhood. Later, I came to New York to study and joined Goldman Sachs for more than 10 years. However, Goldman Sachs's rich income is hard to resist the temptation of yoga. Finally, in 2010, he left his own yoga clothing brand YogaSmoga. When he first founded it, he only had women's clothing lines. Recently, in response to his former colleagues who are still fighting on Wall Street, he has launched a series of men's yoga costumes. Rishi Bali said that until not long ago, he often found himself the only man in yoga classes, but recently, the situation has changed significantly, with men accounting for 1/3, it also includes his former Wall Street colleagues. They complained that they could not buy yoga clothes that were tailored, easy to exercise and fit as a financial person. Yogamoga then came to fill the gap. They also introduced their own patented fabric: Koura is made of biodegradable eucalyptus cellulose, which is soft, moisture-absorbing and perspiration. Yogamoga is priced similar to Lululemon, with a long-sleeved T-shirt of $84 and yoga pants of $118. It is said that in order to control the quality, their production is all in the United States. ( Lululemon's recent crisis is due to perspective problems in a yoga pants outsourced to Taiwan) However, looking at Rishi Bali's own image, those who want to lose weight by practicing yoga can dispel the idea. P. S. Similarly, Lululemon's new CEO (It is said that is also yoga) It is also because the looming General's belly is not difficult for the media.
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