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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-11
Whether you bring your sunglasses as a fashion manifesto or to protect your eyes from the sun in Mumbai, they add an impeccable grade to your look.
This is a list of sunglasses that combine elegance and functionality. The women\'s collection by Tom Ford includes a bold Oval female frame;
The curved lines perfectly reflect the contemporary retro style;
As well as irregular profiles with thicker frames.
If you like the oversized frame, \"harley \"-a square-
Re-interpret the modeling works of classic mask design-is your answer.
\"Lindsay\" is a softer choice for square contours.
It\'s all about pilots for men. from vintage-
Inspired by complex models;
Motion and square frames with unusual, geometric-
The front of the edge mask; and 70s’-
Inspired works defined by the outline of the bridge.
The Calvin Klein jeans men\'s and unisex collections feature unique details and innovative ways of handling.
Vintage men\'s wear
Stylish Metal Profile and leather edge shield and shield inspired pilot-
Styling frame of temple with mirror lens and bold color.
The Unisex series offers metal pilots-
Inspiration frame with colorblock effect;
Classic pilot with unique crack texture, enhanced Temple;
Bold square frame with matte color on the metal cloth line.
Round and square
Collection of frames defined by Salvatore Ferragamo.
The iconic Gancino is used in the original way and also in the modern way
Hidden in the frame.
The colors include burgundy, nude, ivory and blue.
For men, this is all about the classic model of acetate fiber, which stands out due to their key hole nose and color scheme.
The tortoise shell and black pattern combine Burgundy, red, green and blue.
The round, thick frame and clean lines of black, olive and periwinkle are also a trend.
Tweed is at the heart of the Chanel SS 2016 series with three unique stories including gold, denim and enamel.
In the retro tweed collection, Chanel frames are octagonal, oval and round.
The Tweed is applied everywhere in the Oval and octagonal sunglasses, covering both ends of the circular frame Temple.
In the tweed collection, the quilting cowboy blends with a few grams of rubber on a soft Temple.
In the enamelled flower line, the flower is integrated into the temple, showing the appearance of the enamel button.
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