[Focus] Guangzhou underwear factory ingor knitting has 17 years of precipitation to reveal this to you

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
17 years of focus and 17 years of precipitation have created Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports today, and at the same time let Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports move towards a broader tomorrow! Looking for an underwear processing factory, isn't such a manufacturer your first choice?

See if the following are your concerns when looking for an underwear factory to process women's underwear?

1. You have your own interpretation of women's underwear, and hope to find an underwear manufacturer to 'understand you'!

ingorsports insists on mutual benefit and win-win with customers. Many customers who have cooperated with underwear factory ingorsports know that ingorsports also encourages and welcomes customers to participate in the design concept of their women's underwear products. Customers have better ideas and opinions. We, the underwear factory, have special designers to help you realize these items together. At the same time, the underwear factory will also share with you some of the cutting-edge market trends of women's underwear that it has paid attention to, so that you can make a more informed choice.

2. Does the degree of specialization of the underwear factory meet your requirements?

Indeed, although women's underwear is only clothing accessories, but not all underwear manufacturers can meet the needs of different grades and different quality women's underwear. Underwear is more favored.

ingorsports underwear factory has long insisted on the road of specialization, only taking a scoop of weak water three thousand, because of focus, so professional. For 17 years, ingorsports has only focused on the customized processing of mid-to-high-end seamless knitted women's underwear and underwear OEM services! It is a women's underwear manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.

3. Whether the underwear manufacturer has the ability to develop new samples, consider the customer's first consideration.

Nowadays information flow is fast and convenient, which also means higher requirements for underwear manufacturers, which is the ability to develop new styles. In recent years, ingorsports has developed nearly 10,000 different styles of women's underwear. The underwear factory has an exhibition hall of nearly 1,000 square meters. There are more than 5,000 samples of different styles to choose from, and new styles are continuously launched every day. To truly meet the needs of customers, consider what customers want first, and not be afraid of imitation by peers, because our underwear factory has always been a leader.

4.How about the proofing cycle of underwear factory?

ingorsports underwear factory has a special team responsible for the development of samples and proofing, the front-end proofing, the back-end proofing, the normal proofing cycle is 7-10 days, and it only takes 3 days for drunkenness. It can really meet your fast proofing needs.

5. Does the production capacity of the underwear factory meet your requirements?

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has developed for 17 years, 350 people, 330 sets of imported knitting equipment, assembly line operation, and the daily production capacity reaches 60,000 pieces to efficiently meet the needs of customers.

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports 17 years of precipitation reveals this to you: strength! From your point of view, an OEM manufacturer that provides you with personalized women's underwear on-demand services!

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