flipping, diving and disrobing

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-26
Goal celebration is often the most important thing in football matches.
Maybe it\'s because there are very few goals in a game that has traditionally been divided into advantages.
Or maybe it\'s a natural continuation of game artistry.
Just because the ball finds the back of the net does not mean that the scorer is dancing, diving or spinning on the court.
In some cases, it gives the player an opportunity to show some love, express a political stance, sell a product or show off.
Usually, the way to celebrate a goal exceeds the way it is scored.
Back Flip is very popular.
The church pose of David Beckham
Arms open, chest outis striking.
Fowler\'s goal
Line snort was criticized.
In the 2000 season, batistta scored in Rome against his former team, Florence, and he burst into tears.
I \'ve always been a fan of charming Roger Mira, who danced rhythmically with the corner banner.
Or Klinsmann\'s chest diving.
But perhaps the most famous goal celebration in recent memory was the nervous side of US defender Brandi Chaston taking off his jersey, the black sports bra won 1999 women\'s football World Cup after hitting the final penalty.
Her celebration is not acrobatics.
Hands without Series-springs)
She did not cover much.
She is still in the center of the box and before she is joined by a jubilant teammate, she falls on her knee).
Chastain is not the first person to tear off his shirt.
Now practice verboten, penalty yellow card).
But as a woman, she makes a statement by sending her coat, although men often take off their shirts when they are replaced, or exchange them after the game.
At the Women\'s World Cup in China, another woman took off some of her uniform during the celebrations, causing a sensation.
England\'s Kelly Smith took off his boots after scoring against Japan last week and held them high.
The coach wanted Powell to say that her star forward\'s antics were \"disrespectful\" and she instructed Smith to continue wearing her shoes.
Powell is also worried that such a pantomime will cause strong public discontent.
Target Smith against defensive players.
When she scored two goals against Argentina on Monday morning to help England get into the top eight, Smith put her splints on her feet and her feet on the ground.
England will face the United States in Saturday\'s semi-final.
Target to view live game reviews).
There may not be many goals to celebrate.
Americans scored only five goals in three games.
England has eight teams, but six have beaten Argentina in a single game.
Will the United States find its goal? scoring touch?
If Abby wanbach, Kristin Lily, Heather O\'Reilly or Kelly Smith do find the back of the net, how will they celebrate now that the tournament is single
Phase of elimination?
What is your favorite goal celebration?
Share your thoughts below.
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