Five Yoga DVDs by Shiva Rea

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-06-20
Shiva Rea one particular of the top Vinyasa teachers associated with world and one yoga DVD class with her and that you will see why! These top 5 yoga dvds by Shiva Rea will have you saluting the sun and your Do-it-yourself. 1) Flow Yoga for Beginners There's no place like the starting start! This video features the beautiful scenery of Kauai, taking you on the mini-vacation with Shiva Rea. Seated meditation, pranayam and classic flow sequences makes this ideal for someone new to Vinyasa flow. 2) Radiant Heart Yoga It's all all-around heart. Opening your heart through movement and meditation will relieve shoulder and back pain as well as to smoothing the actual ruffles of your personality. Bring a little more love meant for body and existence. 3) Yoga Shakti Transport yourself to India! This incredible video allows to be able to customize your yoga physical workout. Choose from a menu of options to personalize your experience. It's like having Shiva Rea teach you in your living open area! It features a great yoga music soundtrack. 4) Sun Salutations Master this fundamental yet dynamic part of yogathe sun salutation. Combined with mantra, this yoga dvd by Shiva Rea will teach you everything wish to to know, from Ashtanga style, to Vinyasa flow, to variations on the theme. You'll find it includes moon salutations, for balancing your energies. 5) Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea Specifically devised for pregnancy, with modifications for everybody trimester, Shiva Rea designed this flow class to help you improve strength, open the hips and incomparable the critical moment inside your baby's world. About The Author: The author writes for that is spreading the mantra of yoga music and meditation music around the world. The company is engaged in healing arts and yoga practices like Kundalini Yoga exercises.
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