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fitness gear for cooler weather

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-03
The cool windy weather has arrived, but it is not an excuse to stop working.
There are a wide variety of products on the market designed to \"warm up\" your fall workout routine.
Liz wakalillo, executive editor of fitness magazine, stopped by Saturday\'s morning show to show us some of the latest sports gear and gadgets.
Autumn is the season for people who like to run.
Cool and dry air is perfect for running and there are several new products on the market for runners.
Reflective top: Black this half day now
The fitted reflective top is perfect for female runners as the entire front is made of reflective material.
It also has a funnel neck and mounting cover to protect the ears.
Tops are made for women only.
Popular news Google cloud service was disrupted by missing shooting protesters at Virginia Beach in Connecticut state Mother Harris. com, about $72.
Waterproof shoes: this is the right shoe for you if it rains but you don\'t want to miss running.
Montrail Susitna XCR has a waterproof and breathable Gore-
Wrap the outside Tex of the shoes like a raincoat, keep your feet dry and free from rain and sweat.
In addition, there is a lightweight rubber crocodile attached to the top of the shoe that fits your ankle to prevent water from splashing inside the shoe.
Available for both men and women.
Montrail Susitna XCR costs about $125.
When you buy sportswear, look for materials that can take moisture away from your body.
Nike jacket: Vaccariello says the design of the Nike spherical jacket is cool and the material is comfortable.
The warm hat jacket is the ideal outer layer for outdoor sports in windy weather.
The woven fabric is designed to keep the wearer warm and dry without overheating.
It is not bulky, it has a built-in Velcro ring that keeps hands warm.
This versatile jacket is perfect for running, but you can also wear it for a variety of activities such as walking, cycling, tennis and shopping.
Nike offers Nike balls. About $110.
The men\'s wear, called Nike Sphere Pro, costs about $150.
Yoga pants: The \"advanced knitting technology\" of these soft pants draws moisture from the skin to the outer surface of the garment, where moisture quickly evaporates.
Vaccariello says she loves yoga pants because they don\'t sweat and they move with you and they are all stylish from yoga studios to the street.
Marika has these pants. com,about $45.
Sports bra: Vaccariello said that Maia sports bra is a breakthrough for women with larger breasts because standard sports bra does not provide women with the support they need when exercising.
The secret, she says, is an independent, fully formed Cup.
The bra is only in black and white, but more colors are on the way.
Marika offers sports bras. com, about $40. CW-
X sports pants: these are super high
Performance pants claiming to stabilize the knee cap, adjust the hip and leg joints and support the muscles.
The technology used to make garments should also reduce the accumulation of lactic acid
Get up, which means that you don\'t have cramps during exercise and you don\'t feel pain the next day.
Vaccariello says she hasn\'t used them herself, so she\'s not sure if they work.
About $80.
Tennis costumes: designer Diane von Furstenberg and Reebok are inspired by Venus Williams.
This is part of the Spring 2004 series.
Vaccariello says the honeycomb pattern is a signature print for the series this year.
Reebok offers this tennis suit for about $85.
Men\'s yoga bag: this durable men\'s bag features Rafe\'s signature striped strap.
It also comes with a front pocket for keys, phones and other essentials.
About $145.
Women\'s yoga bag: designer Marc Jacobs has launched a yoga bag for the Louis Vuitton collection.
The orange bag is made of soft Epi leather with a quilting LV yoga mat.
And the red one.
The yoga bag is accessible.
About $1,380.
Colorball: these bright balls made of danpi are soft alternatives to dumbbells.
Vaccariello says they are filled with a paste mixture of sand and air that is easy to catch.
They have four, six, eight-pound balls and a sports poster with illustrations.
Danskin fitness equipment offers refreshing balls for women for $16. 99 to $24. 99.
MP3 player: if you like to listen to music while exercising, Vaccariello says you will love Digisette MP3 player.
It combines MP3 player, FM radio and heart-rate monitor.
Digisette offers MP3 players. com, $299.
Pedometer: A recent study shows that walking 10,000 steps a day, about 4 miles, can put you on the path of losing weight and reducing your risk of heart disease.
Having a PlayStation 4 life pedometer on your shoes can help you keep track of your progress, says Vaccariello.
Pedometer is available in PlayStation 4 life. com, $23.
Stable ball: Dennis Austin stable ball is blue, covered with nodules, massaging the back while exercising.
The stable ball is also equipped with training videos.
Denise star offers Dennis Austin stable ball. net, about $20.
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