fitness 101: rookies guide to exercise

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-19
It\'s good for you if you finally decide to start exercising!
The only thing to keep in mind is that developing exercise habits as a beginner will be a challenge.
This is why it is necessary to take all the necessary steps to recover.
Ready, don\'t feel frustrated and give up after a week or so.
Don\'t forget, promise yourself that you exercise 4 times a week --
You will be disappointed.
Your starting goal should be to exercise twice a week.
It doesn\'t need to last more than 30 minutes, it will give your muscles enough time to recover (
You will definitely hurt).
Slowly increase the length and intensity of the exercise, and add another day after a regular exercise of one month.
Finally, choose a time that really suits you --
Don\'t force yourself to get up at 6. m. if you\'re .
If you choose to join the gym and do yoga or cardio, make sure you sign up for the introductory course.
You will have a lower level of strength that you can keep up.
The key is to be challenging enough for this exercise, but don\'t be too challenging to get you frustrated and frustrated.
If you can\'t find a beginner\'s class for the activity you\'re interested in, talk to the coach privately and explain to them that you\'re a complete beginner.
This way, you get modified exercises and longer breaks when you need them.
Remember, you don\'t have to force yourself to keep up with others --
Follow the rhythm of your body.
No matter how focused you are on regular exercise, there will still be days when you don\'t have the motivation to go to class or exercise.
That\'s why there needs to be a \"insurance policy \".
Find a friend who can also work and let them know your schedule.
They encourage you when you need to improve.
Also make sure your gym bag is always packed and ready.
Even if you feel grumpy and lazy 30 minutes before your workout, it will be a lot easier when you know you just need to put on your shoes and wrap it out.
It is very important to find clothes with comfortable quality.
If you don\'t feel comfortable wearing clothes while sweating and working hard, you won\'t have a lot of motivation to continue.
The first step is to support the sneakers. ask the clerk to help find the right size and model. don\'t hesitate.
Supportive bra is also very important for women and some sweat
Absorb tops and pants.
Many active people find that their thigh friction is very uncomfortable and even painful, but if you wear clothes that protect your thighs and skin, there will be no friction.
Keep in mind that during your training there are products like this that will provide you with the necessary comfort.
Don\'t expect to discover the type of sports that suits you immediately.
Flirt with different activities at the beginning to determine what really makes you go and what suits your personal tastes and abilities.
Don\'t start with the type of exercise you hate just because others say it\'s good for beginners or simple people.
Give yourself some time to explore.
Finally, the best physical activity for you is what you will continue to do.
Determine the exact reason why you are ready to put in time to exercise.
Everyone has goals they want to achieve, so make sure your goals and reasons are very clear to you.
This will help you stay focused and consistent.
Whether it\'s losing weight, empowering yourself for the physical challenges that lie ahead of you, or, when a bad day comes, your goals will keep you on track.
Regular exercise is about you and how you feel.
Don\'t be too strict with yourself, never forget that you did it for yourself, not for others.
Celebrate every bit of progress along the way.
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