fit tips: the right bra sets the foundation for every outfit

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-25
Are you wearing the bra size right?
This is a problem that most women will scoff at and even blush, but experts say many of us are wearing the wrong --Bra size.
Whether it\'s poor communication, lack of patience in the fitting room, or the apartment-
National manager Kim Levan denied that this exacerbated the problem, saying that wearing the wrong size was a problem that he often had contact with customers.
\"They think they have a certain size, but in fact they have a completely different size,\" she said . \".
Hearing Levan size say this is the most common in Canada may surprise many people.
\"The average cup size in Canada is D-cup,” she says. (
Tip: \"What do you say? ’)
So, what is the reason for the underwear fit?
Many experts believe that women often think that the bra size starts at 32 degrees and ends at 40 degrees, but this is not the case.
\"Most women are not suitable for\" regular sizes, \"Levan said \".
\"There\'s nothing wrong with this.
There is no problem doing G, F or H.
No one said the alphabet had to stop in Washington.
Levan said that people are worried that their figure will be considered \"unconventional \"(
North American bra size now 52 I)
It will make women feel abnormal or uncomfortable.
\"They are ashamed of their breasts and want to hide them,\" Levan said . \".
Some women refuse to believe that they are bigger or smaller than initially thought, or that they are not correct cup sizes in order to make their breasts feel better.
Karine Allard, a designer, said that for a woman, it is relatively simple when to wear the wrong bra size, other than feeling unsupported or uncomfortable.
\"If the bra is at the back, that means the size of the strap is incorrect,\" Allard explains . \".
\"Breast tissue protruding from the top or side of the Cup usually means that the size of the cup is incorrect.
\"Allard says it\'s a delicate balance between the size of the Cup and the size of the strap.
When the bra is fun in the fitting room, most women automatically grab another Strap size, but can get a better fit by rising and falling in the strap size.
The details of these technical fit are just a few reasons why the best way to make sure you wear the right size is for professional fit, a service that most lingerie stores offer for free.
This is a particularly important step when you are in a period when the body is changing shape, such as during or after pregnancy, or when you lose weight quickly or gain weight.
\"Ask for professional accessories so you know what size you\'re looking for and then choose a variety of bras to bring to the fitting room so you don\'t run back and forth, allard suggests.
\"Take the time to try each one and adjust the strap and back closure. Then try a T-
Wear a shirt (check)The last look
\"While some women may want to update their underwear collection a few times a year, Allard suggests that those of us who hate to try --
At least one difficult experience every year.
\"A woman\'s body changes every year, so it is important to readjust her body. fit,” she says.
\"The bra will lose its elasticity and shape over time, it is very important to wear the right bra
Fit and support bra.
\"With the correct cup and strap size, the next thing to consider is the type and style of bra needed in the underwear wardrobe.
Yes, you need more than one.
\"It\'s practical and practical for a North American.
The author of Paris undressing: The Secret of French underwear has never talked about a sensation, saying the role of underwear in women\'s lives today.
The Canadian writer, who referred to Paris as a home, studied the differences between North American women\'s attitudes towards underwear and French women for more than 20 years.
Needless to say, the differences are amazing.
\"In North America, we will prove this in some way if it is appropriate,\" she said . \".
\"In France, of course, it must fit.
But if it doesn\'t look good, it won\'t fall off the design layer.
This is the whole job.
It\'s not even about spending less.
They won\'t even think about it.
When a North American woman sees a bra as a solution to a problem, Kemp-
French women think choosing underwear is a strong personal \"experience\", similar to choosing a premium custom costume creation, Griffin said.
Not everyone needs a rainbow of delicate lace underwear, but every woman should have some key parts and colors.
\"Women always need the base of light beige, which can be worn in white or any other light color;
Dark clothes and black all year round-
Including a small black sleeveless dress in summer . \"
\"Of course, it\'s always great to have some seasonal colors like Burgundy/red, pink and blue.
There are nine basic types of bras for Styles, kemp-
Details of Griffin in her book: Balcony (
\"A style that only covers the lower part of the breast to lift and enhance, gives a straight line. ”); demi cup (
\"Cover half to three.
Part of the breast, the shape of the Cup is to give a plump, upward
Make the curve round while providing the necessary support. ”); full cup (
\"The classic styling of the deep cup provides full coverage and support. ”); moulded (
\"A seamless pre-
The Cup formed . . . . . . Under tights, keep the breasts in a natural, smooth and discreet shape \"); pushup (
\"Inclined cups with padding can push the breasts together to enhance the cleavage and create a volumetric illusion \"); plunge (
The center of the Plunge bra is low, and it is the best bra for deep neckline.
Fabric between cups
This adds to the cleavage wile that remains supported \"); seamed (
\"Made of two or three pieces sewn together, creating seams designed to lift, control and shape \"), strapless;
Sports bra.
Of the nine styles, experts believe women should have about four to seven.
\"A daily bra can be underwear or steel wire --
Free based on preference;
Sports bras for any activity such as yoga, walking or running;
For those façade styles including tanksandoff, the no-straps/convertible is essential-the-shoulder tops;
Most women also want to have a comfortable bra for the weekend, which can be seamless, \"Allard said.
Once you wear the right size and style, themajorconcern will be the right outfit and care, Levan says.
Even the most basic bra needs a little delicate processing. (
Like absolutely no contact with the dryer, no longer wear the same bra for a week in a row. )
\"You should not wear the same bra for two consecutive days.
\"Basically, Abra is made of very delicate materials,\" she explained . \".
\"The back of the bra is part of the bra and can provide half the support.
This is made of elastic fibers and Leica fibers, so they stretch out when they are combined with your body oil.
Levan says women have to \"rest\" the bra between wearing so the fabric can breathe and re-wearform.
\"The more bras you wear, the faster you use them,\" she said . \".
\"They will last longer if you rotate them.
Levansays said: \"It is another great sin not to wash dishes often.
So, what is the perfect dress? to-wash ratio?
According to Levan,to-one.
\"I always ask women, how often do you wash your bra?
They always embarrass extra takeout.
For bra shoppers, the away lesson should be to try new styles and spend more than $20 on styles to take the ideas you can --and should —
Invest in underwear.
\"We will spend thousands of dollars on a handbag, a pair of shoes or a dress. Why?
Because people see it, it\'s all about status and what people think, \"Levan said.
\"We are not yet born in a culture that talks a lot about underwear.
More practical.
People here want to buy a bra that they can do anything in it.
It must be able to wear under T-
Shirt, you have to be able to go to the gym inside and then to the office.
This is not the case with bras.
\"This is the first thing to touch the skin, so you have to be comfortable inside.
I think it\'s important to take care of yourself, not just invest in what people see.
\"Spending a little bit of money on a fitting bra can also affect women\'s confidence in their figure.
Kemp-\"in underwear, the idea of touch is very criticalGriffin says.
\"We are swallowed up by aesthetics --how it looks.
If women just focus on feeling, texture, and touch, they begin to believe in our intuition, and more ,(they)
Will be more comfortable and confident.
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