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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
Lulullemon is my favorite shop, but even for ordinary people like me, the shopping experience can be daunting.
There are so many styles, fabrics and sports-
It\'s hard to know where to start with specific gear.
With a new \"personal shopping\" plan in select high-
Volume is located in Toronto, New York and London.
You can book 30-Free-or 60-
Make an appointment for minutes at four locations in GTA (
At the lululullemon store in Yorkville, on Queen Street. W, on Yonge St.
Shopping center in Oakdale).
I am happy to meet my consultant Judy Laskie after booking onlineon-A family in Oakdale.
The dressing room has clothing with my size and color preference --
She collected the information when I booked online.
Healthy snacks and drinks are even served here.
I think it\'s special.
It turns out that one of myon-
A chance not just to try cool clothes and eat in a friendly bar;
Rasky gave me all the knowledge about their new fit, fabric and features.
\"We have a new thing called\" Design feeling, \"which is a huge shift in the way we talk about clothes,\" she said . \".
\"People are often stuck in their size, but what is changing the athlete\'s game is how you feel in your clothes.
\"She asked me to try on my pants and tell her if I like to feel tight while exercising or if I like to hug, naked or relax.
These words summarize the nature of the new lulululemon event, which focuses on what you want to feel on your clothes.
I found that I like to be hugged in my fitness suit.
In other words, I like my workout pants because it\'s tight enough to not move on my body, but when I do, I don\'t feel too loose or too stiff.
This helped us narrow down my favorite fabric types: Lucerne, Luen, Nuru, or Swift.
If it sounds like a new language
Check out the dictionary of Lululemon.
There are more jargon to pay attention.
Regardless of the fabric, all cardio gear contains Silver, a resistance
Odor Silver Line that inhibits odor growth-
Causing bacteria
When I tried on the clothes, a colleague from Lululemon told me that her father had been wearing a silver shirt five times in a row and had not been washed in the middle.
He can\'t believe how good the fabric works.
While I \'ve never considered this extreme measure myself, thankfully, I \'ve never smelled it after Lulu was wearing a workout.
I took this opportunity to ask some questions that I had been thinking about;
Me: should you wear underwear under your lulululemon pants?
All our pants are cool.
Inside is max gusset so no need for panties
If you want underwear, we sell seamless underwear in the crotch area with cotton corner support or extra lining.
Me: is it OK to expose your bra or is it a taboono?
Lasky: some of our bra straps are extravagant, different and crazy.
It\'s cool to see interesting straps.
But you probably shouldn\'t expose your bra if you\'re on a golf course.
Me: How are you supposed to wash your Lululemons?
Rasky: We always recommend that you wash Lulus in cold water with similar materials and dry it.
If you wash them with other fabrics, materials like cotton will be applied to luon.
The fabric is not compatible.
Me: Are the pants behind me?
Rasky: We worked very hard to design fabrics that provide high performance.
Level of coverage.
You can\'t see anything anymore with your pants.
But this is the most important thing.
You have to make sure that the fit and fabric fit your body shape.
The feeling should be right.
At the end of the appointment I left with a new sports bra
Cross back, 3 new pants-
One of them is very soft and I wear it every other day --
New workout top in the fall burgundy color.
The total bill is more than I want to admit (
More than I usually spend)
But given that I actually live in my Lulus, it\'s a great investment.
I love that all my size and feel preferences are saved in the file to make it easier the next time I shop at the mall.
The Lulu brand has its own terminology.
Understanding it will help you find the feeling that suits you.
This is a basic decoder.
New Feeling: tight fit with the ultimate compression support, usually the first choice for runners.
Embrace: A series of tight, consistent compression
The outline of the fit.
Stay in: Support and compression of abdominal muscles, hips and thighs, but free and unrestricted in other areas. Naked: Close-to-
Provide a body style of unrestricted movement with gentle compression. Relaxed: Body-
Skimming and loose
A fitting profile that allows space for breathing and movement.
Carefully designed fabric: luxurious sweatwicking, four-
The way to stretch the fabric is cool, and when you sweat the most, it fits like a second skin.
Luon: Lululemon, sweat is made from elastic fabric
Soft sweat and cotton.
Nulu: a brand new elastic fabric with sweat
Real estate and buttersoft feel.
Swift: a sturdy, lightweight, versatile woven fabric that provides freedom of movement.
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