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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-01
Brand Set Wholesale Ingor has been focusing on making sportswear suits for 18 years. It has grown from a small clothing processing workshop to the current sportswear manufacturer brand, relying on excellent quality and professional services. Ingor sportswear suits strive to find a balance between comfort and beauty, follow humanized design from beginning to end, insist on starting from the movement itself, the design concept must be derived from personal experience, so as to design the most suitable sports and leisure series This product allows you to reflect the elegant temperament in your usual leisure life, and will not be hindered by clothes during exercise, which will affect the exercise itself. This is the core design concept that Ingor has been pursuing and implementing. If you are looking for a wholesale manufacturer of sportswear suits, Ingor is a very good choice! Now that we have entered winter, we must first pay attention to keeping warm when running in winter, but we must not wear too bulky, and we need to carry out scientific and reasonable matching. Generally speaking, you can wear three layers on the upper body. Start by wearing a thin layer of synthetic clothing, such as polystyrene, to help absorb sweat and keep you dry. Do not wear cotton clothing on this layer to avoid getting wet; the middle layer of clothing must have a thermal insulation effect, firstly, it can drain away sweat in time, and secondly, it can properly dissipate heat to prevent the body from overheating; choose a sportswear manufacturer to protect from the wind Rain, which not only keeps you warm, but also adjusts your body temperature at will. If you still feel cold, add clothes according to the actual situation. Don't overdress when running in winter. If you want to keep warm and don’t want to catch a cold after exercising and sweating, a principle is to dress in a weather that is 20°C higher than the actual temperature. Ingor winter sports suits are reasonably designed, using appropriate fabrics according to different seasons, and scientific matching to give you more personal protection for winter sports. Ingor sportswear brand has high elastic fabrics with good stretchability, as well as light resistance and abrasion resistance, allowing you to adapt to various movements while showing your own body beauty during exercise. It has been well received by new and old customers in the customer group, which also gives us the motivation to make the brand of sportswear suits better. Ingor provides samples and customized logos or customized different styles. Enterprises and institutions in need, Ingor can provide clothing samples and sold clothing cases at any time. Friends who want to know more can provide the address to send free new albums, or customize basketball clothing and other clothing on Ingor online. Customer satisfaction is our driving force, customer support is the purpose of our actions, and the quality of sportswear suits is the foundation of the Ingor brand!
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