Features of custom-made traditional work clothes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-04
The characteristics of custom-made traditional work clothes Traditional group work clothes are different from modern work clothes, so when choosing custom-made clothes, you must understand the characteristics of custom-made traditional work clothes. The general traditional team work clothes use the full wool lining and lining method, that is, the lapels, the body and the side of the team work clothes do not need to be lined with adhesive linings, and high-quality black carbon linings shall be selected according to the standard. The shoulders and breasts of team work wear use a combination of high-quality black carbon lining, high-density ponytail lining and chest fleece. The traditional work clothes sewn with this technique not only fit the body, but also the shape and lines of the group work clothes are flowing and the three-dimensional sense is very strong. Group work clothes customized with traditional techniques are also known as linen-lined group work clothes. Because this technology is the predecessor of non-adhesive lining, it completely relies on wool lining to set off the appearance of team clothing. The appearance is soft and elastic, and it is comfortable to wear. The breasts of special team work clothing are very crisp and plump. The sleeves of clothing products are usually made of silk-containing linings that are different from those of the body, which are highly lubricated and easy to put on and take off. This technology is the preferred custom technology for Chinese and foreign advanced custom clothing and high-end brand-name work clothing. It is a world-class technology. The whole linen-lined team work clothing is a kind of international team work clothing, and it must be the highest quality clothing product. Ingor Sportswear clothing wholesale group purchase custom series include: sports T-shirts, couples leisure suits, trousers, tops, shorts, leisure sports series, jackets, golf series, outdoor sports series, business series, basketball badminton net series, tennis series, Volleyball series, bag/cap/socks series, table sports shoes series, trousers series, etc. Enterprises and institutions, school groups, government agencies, gift companies, gyms, cultural companies, advertising companies, trade unions, tourism companies, neighborhood committees and other groups are welcome to send letters to customize the football uniforms. Quality Three Guarantees, the whole audience is genuine, the price is favorable, please rest assured to buy! Clothing samples and proofing boards can be provided at any time, welcome to inquire: 86-15815657313
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