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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-20
Trendy California teenager
Agers, this is the summer of torn jeans, fluorescent swimsuits, ties
Dyed sports bra for sports underwear appearance, bolero jacket, mini skirt, volleyball shorts, surfing-logo T-
Shirts, tops, cowboy boots and baseball caps.
As expected, these are just a small part of the youth basket.
Immerse yourself in a bag mixed in style-
National, sports, East Coast, West Coast charm--
Teenagers are picking the best batch and using their favorite word rad, adding some special twists and turns and looks.
Among other notable projects, they also like to be in Batman T-
Beach wear, headscarf, trendy sunglasses, high-end watches, black shoes (with sci-
Sounds like names like creepers and Doc Martens), old-
Vintage sneakers from Yves Saint Laurent, hairpins, white socks, black hat, leather jacket and Tony smell from Paris, Lou from Cacharel, obsession from Calvin Klein and Guy Laroche
Compared to the eccentric punk
The rock singer of yesterday, this generation looks really proud.
But Diane Schwartz, the manager of the Esprit supermarket in Los Angeles, did not say this: \"They are very sophisticated.
They buy adult clothes.
What these kids want is not fun, bright colors.
They prefer to wear clothes in black or gemstone tones. and 40-year-olds wear.
Vest with wax (
Wear it on a white T-shirtshirts)
Esprit\'s young and sophisticated girl used the Guatemala backpack as her wallet and bought a large number of active outfits.
The top of the Pops is padded and non-padded
Shorts with velvet stretch locomotive.
Girls wear Non
Padded version under Full, swingy mini skirt with extra large T-shirts.
Schwartz said it looked \"casual \".
Actually, the whole teenager
The age wardrobe belongs to the category, \"kick at will.
\"For girls, there is nothing more to capture the spirit than the tired and torn jeans inherited from men who have jeans.
Natural RipSeventeen-year-
Santa Monica\'s old Rachel Grumman rewarded her old Levi\'s with her boyfriend, because the tattered clothes need to be true these days: \"I can\'t tear them up, but if they tear it up, it\'s fine.
\"Of course, if a girl can\'t find an abandoned thing, she can always go to the gap and buy a stone wash jeans\" and rub them on the concrete and grind them, \"Advice from gromen.
Rena Mundo inherited old jeans from her high school drama teacher, wearing a belt and rolling down her waist to reveal some skin.
\"Showing your navel is a big deal in the summer of 89,\" Mundo said . \".
She likes \"cute, casual\" cotton at school.
But when she goes to dance or party, Mondo\'s expression is \"very shiny\", which means her stomach --
Exposed jeans in sports bras or other sexy cut tops, boots, bolero jackets and black gaocho hats.
Every group of Malibu teenagers is different.
West Meon stgis-
Including headscarves, baseball caps, jimmy \'z cotton pants and highticket ($64-$110)
Oakley sunglasses that everything can change: lenses, nose beams, temples--
It sounds like the pressure has disappeared from the teen fashion scene: \"There is no major fashion thing at the moment.
People wear clothes they like.
Each group is different, and friends are dressed the same.
\"Teenagers when something gets too popular
Give it up.
Surfers Sturges don\'t wear surfers anymore
Woven friendship bracelet inspired.
Fashion has become \"too fashionable\", he explained \".
Now he is one of the relatively few teenagers.
People who like to wear crystal ornaments on silver necklaces.
But Lisa Edwards, the mother of the three teenagers, found that there was still \"great peer pressure\", especially for her 13-year-old --year-old daughter.
\"What we went through in the morning,\" Edwards sighed . \".
Before her daughter Samantha Sachs goes to school, she asks a series of fashion questions
Related questions include: \"Is this shirt too long?
Is my car tail good?
\"In a house full of fashionable parents and future generations, who can inspire who is often the focus of debate.
According to Edwards, there is no difference between teen fashion and adult fashion.
\"I wear the same clothes as my daughter.
Although they hate to think like this, they do imitate you and even compete with you.
\"On the other hand, rubber meets the road (or foot)
At the Woodland Hills sports shoes site, manager Greg hartadrian says adult women are buying sports shoes from Los Angeles. A.
He thought it was a young shoe.
A few sets of pink --and-
High white leather
3 sets of colored laces on top (
Pink, white, black)so that teen-
Agers can do their own thing.
\"They may tie their right foot with black and pink laces and their left foot with white and black colors,\" explains Khatchadorian . \".
The boy looks hot and easier.
They just bought L. A.
Gear\'s Fire style shoes, designed in twisted leather, look like a Fire.
The other favorites are Tiger Asics and Nike Jordan.
But even if the discount price for the sports shoes ground is high, the price of Nike airlines is as high as $96, which is one of the reasons for \"55% teenagers\"
The children came in with their parents.
\"While teens don\'t actually show off labels, they know which ones are cool.
Corey Jocelyn, 15year-
Her Nike cross-sneakers are on the list (
\"You wear everything \")
In addition to Gotcha, sweat ksilver and Billabong, jerseys and T-shirts are availableshirts.
Her favorite jeans, explains Josleyn, are light blue jeans with five buttons in front instead of a zipper for teens: \"It\'s not super tight, it\'s not loose.
Some young shoppers go to the Price Club or The Wet Seal clearance store in Long Beach square to bargain.
Others like fresh things (
Same as cool or rad)
From nearby shops such as Olliepop on the Pacific side.
They are also separated from their allowance.
Time pay for major department stores and professional chain stores in the mall or a combination of both, including Gap, Pacific Sunwear, Judy, Saturday, Contempo casu and limited express.
As with past generations, what do young shoppers today feel from their trends --
Set up peers and two big M: musicians and movie stars.
For example, Rena Mundo began wearing the band after she saw the band on Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns and Roses. Megan Sacks (
Lisa Edwards\'s 18-year-old daughter)
Taken away by white people-
Kim Besinger wore a snow spinning shirt in \"My Stepmother Is an Alien\" and she was looking for a replica on Melrose Avenue.
At Betsey Johnson, she found what she wanted. -a stretch-
Top and look of fabric
She was careful to wear leggings or short skirts.
When they look for the right thing, today\'s teenagers
Agers followed some rules.
At 14 Beverly Hills-year-
Her old jeans must be frugal. shop Levi\'s.
They must also be large and worn out paper.
There is no \"bag style\" to put the belt through the loop \".
\"They must be very short if they are converted into shorts (
Not Bermuda Length)
Visible wear on the edges.
She and her girlfriends love men\'s boxer shorts, cutoff sweat pants, combat boots, jewelry with peace signs and accessories for Africa.
The girl is wearing a serious monthly Watch and the boy is wearing a fashionable Swatch watch.
Girls wear fluorescent volleyball shorts for boys, and boys don\'t wear them.
And, pleeze, there\'s no such thingmatchy clothes.
\"You know, the costume,\" says Monterey Gray, sounds like both a teenager and a yuppie.
\"We like the comfortable infrastructure.
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