fashion desperate to prove that it rocks with celebrity showdown at the royal albert hall

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-17
Forget the annual Oscar parade.
Celebrity evening dresses and paparazzi photos
Tomorrow night\'s fashion show is packed with the front row, the mutually beneficial relationship between celebrity and fashion will reach a new peak, and the Royal Albert Hall will host one of the most dazzling fashion glasses of all time.
All of this is in the name of the Prince of Wales\'s charity, the Prince\'s Trust.
In Fashion Rock, designers such as Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger and Stella McCartney will join 14 other stars, from the stylish sky to the mini stagecatwalk shows.
But here\'s the problem.
The Fashion Rock model will replace the usual thumping house soundtrack, with a big walk along the runway, performed live by a group of strange music performers.
Model and fifth element Actress Mira chovich will sing with better known musicians such as Brian Adams, Robbie Williams, Brian Ferrie and Cheryl Crow, not models
According to this extravagant protocol, there is even a satellite link-
The performance of a star is too grand to attend;
In this case, David Bowie.
At the same time, Elizabeth Hurley is the ultimate expression of celebrity fashion love --
In 1994, when she wore a safety pin dress from Gianni Versace to make herself and the designer household, she will be playing host with Dennis Leary.
At least in terms of star Research and the high camp, it will be well ahead of the Leica Style Awards held last month at the end of London Fashion Week.
For an activity filled with the biggest self in fashion and pop, it is inevitable that rumors have reached the level of fanaticism and designers are not only competing to get the most attention --
Grab clothes and hook up with the coolest pop stars.
The fashion industry has been drawn to rumors that Kate Moss will sing along with the indie band\'s original scream, while bats-
Last week, rock-eating singer Oz Osborne broke away from working with Julian McDonald (
Earn $50,000 [£30,000]
Donate on his way out)
Other commitments from the United States.
Fashion\'s most popular diva Beyoncé Knowles handed her precious hand over to George Armani, sparking fierce rumors that a representative of Armani strongly denied, she will be paid for her services for charity.
The organizers and designers of Fashion Rock are keen to cite creative \"synergies\" in the work between rock and foam \".
In addition to the designer simply lending the clothes to a famous face, this also includes a continuous relationship with the DJ, who creates a suitable cut
The fringe soundtrack of the fashion show, or for the wider audience, the fashion company either sponsors the artist\'s tour or designs a special performing costume.
For example, the popular senior fashion designer Jean Paul goltier\'s view is defined by the cone bra Madonna wore during her 1990 trip to the blonde Wild Heart.
When major fashion brands are hit by a decline in luxury sales, the promotions offered to them through events such as Fashion Rock are priceless.
Fashion and pop stars are in a supportive relationship.
Jennifer Lopez and Kristina Aguilera, for example, are taking pictures for the fall --
Winter advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Versace.
The Prince Trust\'s goal is to earn three-quarter Sterling on ticket sales, television rights and sponsorship of Fashion Rock.
But fashion companies also hope to benefit.
Of course, the fashion industry relies on celebrities --
I hope a beautiful photo will add luster to their carefully managed image.
Earlier this month, at Milan Fashion Week, traditionally rich celebrity pick sites, famous faces were often flown in and even paid for sitting in the front row, which was clearly lacking in energy.
Beyonce appeared in Armani early this week, but Beyonce was also the only famous face in dujiabana, Versace and Roberto carvali.
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