fake it \'til you make it: best shapewear for women

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-23
Half the battle for fashion dress is to master fit.
This is part of the reason that the body-shaped clothing itself has become an industry.
It\'s so popular and even has a belt
Types of underwear for men and pregnant women.
This morning, Lori bergamato of Lucky magazine spoke with Good Morning America and provided us with the best body repair advice to solve you in an instant
The problem is: many women with big breasts have trouble wearing classic buttons --down shirt.
The button creaked.
The placard is pulled.
The shirt always looks uncomfortable. fitting.
Solution: The answer is not just the correct bra;
It\'s about supporting body clothes.
Start with $35 Bali powerform Cami.
20 from JC Penney
This is a sturdy control camper that can shape the chest like a bra, but can also slide in the middle, eliminating the dreaded \"back fat \".
\"Look for those with cups and wires, so you\'re held up.
The problem is: pencil skirts are a staple in the wardrobe, but if you have a body with a small waist and a fuller thigh, they are hard to take off.
Solution: We \'ve all heard of the magic of the Spanx, but no one wants to wear a plastic body on tights ---
Some women say it feels too difficult to deal.
Thankfully, Spanx has updated its height
$38 waist tight end tights so you can get all the thighs
The trimming benefits of compression, as well as most of the benefits of layered socks with a plastic body.
Wearing tights with a control top is not the same thing.
The Spanx is actually directly below the bra line, providing maximum shaping through the thighs and rear.
The problem is: layering is always a smart way to dress, fashion experts say, but it won\'t be if your torso is Fuller.
For people with a fuller torso, it looks bulky or sloppy, making the model on the \"GMA\" this morning look 10 pounds heavier than her.
Solution: $68 SkinnyShirt is an imitation
Knitted shirt with classic white buttons-down look.
It is made of soft knitted fabric that can smooth and slide your mid section.
This will help you to look smooth, not bulky, and help you style around 10 pounds, says Bergamotto.
The problem is: Our model Melissa is in her 40 s this morning and likes to wear jeans but not muffins.
She doesn\'t want to wear jeans so how can she remove the back bump?
Solution: Bergamotto recommends starting with huagel hug Lace Hi waist shaping brief for $56, cutting the waist while shaping the rear.
They are made of a pure power mesh that extends all the way to the bra line at the waist.
This effect is seamless and smooth, says Bergamotto.
She added that this is not Grandma\'s underwear that everyone is worried about;
They have a lace overlay with floral embroidery that makes them feminine and flattering.
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