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exclusive: minister for sport mims davies pledges to increase participation numbers among girls and women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-20
Sports Minister Mims Davies has promised to increase the participation of young girls and women and to change the visibility of elite sports women, the cornerstone of the new government\'s sports.
Davis outlined a cross-section in his first national newspaper interview after replacing Tracey Crouch
This spring, the departmental school sports action plan will target low activity trends for children, especially young girls.
She also praised the Telegraph for its \"brilliant, leading\" revolution in reporting women\'s movements.
The positive life survey of England Sports in last December showed that it was only 17 years old.
Of the children between the ages of 5 and 16, 5% have more than 60 minutes of daily activity, in line with the guidelines of the chief medical officer.
It was found that the girl was obviously less active;
This finding is consistent with a similar study by the Youth Sports Trust Fund, which reported in 2017 that less than 10 per cent of 18-year-old women are in line with this recommendation.
Davis describes the discovery of each \"wake up\"
As part of addressing this \"great challenge\", we call for the same status of physical literature as mathematics or English in schools.
\"We are really worried that our young people are not active,\" Davis said . \".
\"If you don\'t get into the habit of lifelong exercise when you go to school, it\'s harder to come back.
\"We want the balance between sports and activities, sports and health --being.
As a minimum school, it is important to ensure that children can read.
Parents encourage their children to be proactive, just as important as reading books or doing schedules.
\"As parents, we have to consider not only their safety and opportunities, but also their activities.
Are they doing enough?
Are they breathing fresh air outside? Go out. Get muddy. Be adventurous.
Children need to learn how to run, jump, throw and catch.
These foundations will enable them to thrive in a broader way.
\"If we do not distinguish between the participation of schools, communities, management agencies and make it a priority for the government, in any case, we will ultimately make a difference in the health services sector.
Davis also cited a recent question. and-
A conversation with the children in Hampshire.
\"A young girl raised her hand and told me that she was not allowed to play rugby at school, which was unfair and unfair.
I think it is very important for the school to see what availability is.
\"If people are concerned about risk, then the governing body can help the school understand or adjust how things work.
We have to make sure you have a fair chance if you want to go.
\"The details of the school sports action plan are still being finalized in the education and health sectors as well as in the digital, cultural, media and sports sectors, but one specific goal of the government is that by 2020, more often than not, 500,000 people will be active, half of them women.
\"The answer must come from all over the country,\" Davis said . \".
\"It\'s not just the school, but also the parents, the wider community and the governing body.
The same is true of the media.
Davis joins the Telegraph columnist, Dina Ashel.
Smith, Judy Murray and Maggie afansi launched The Daily Telegraph women\'s movement in Piccadilly Circus this week.
In an unprecedented commitment to publishing, the Daily Telegraph promises to address the following issues
By adding editorial reports to represent women in sports, there will also be campaigns on key issues to encourage the participation of women and girls.
Davis described the move as \"a huge opportunity to achieve change in the women\'s movement \".
\"The more people you see like you, the more you feel that you can do it,\" she said . \".
\"That\'s visibility.
This is the real equality.
The movement of women should not be small.
Women\'s sports on TV are still a novelty.
We have some of the most amazing sports stars in the world.
I recently met Nikita Paris.
What a good example. What a star. Dina Asher-
Laura Moore Smith is so inspiring.
\"For the media, this is a golden opportunity to seize the great benefits.
This is a huge opportunity for sponsors and businesses.
Not only to change and motivate our young girls and young people to participate in more activities.
This could change the activity of the whole country.
Davis became a member of Eastley in 2015 and was appointed sports minister in last November, where she said she fell in love with sports at school, where she played basketball, football, one of the two girls on the cricket team.
Her father \"thought it was watching sports on TV to take care of us\" but that would only enhance that enthusiasm.
She said with a smile: \"I like this friendship-my favorite thing is that I didn\'t go out at the age of 27 . \" \"I like to think I\'m a pioneer,\" she added.
Davis entered the political arena after \"becoming a woman going to Parliament complaining about recreational facilities\" and \"getting involved\" because I found that people who hadn\'t been to the leisure center for 15 years were deciding \".
Davis has two girls, 9 and 13, who like to run in a small local park and now play swimming and cricket.
Paula Radcliffe is a special source of personal inspiration, and while Davis says he\'s \"not fit for a while\" and \"very rubbish,\" Sunday, she will line up in Eastleigh\'s 10-kilometer race.
\"For kids, finding time becomes more challenging is the reason for running,\" she said . \".
\"The game on Sunday was sold out and 46 of the participants were women.
This is one of the fastest growing sports for women.
\"As long as you can find your sports bra, you can go with your sneakers.
Davis took part in the marathon between London and Brighton, although her new job and the broader political intensity of Westminster have weakened her double
She is determined to run once a week back to the park in London.
\"Women feel that activities are as important as anything else, and that\'s absolutely right,\" she said . \".
\"Find what you like and stick to it.
Exercise is a good way to relieve stress.
You will meet friends.
It can help you feel more happy.
Other women and girls are encouraged to participate.
\"Research has shown that if you are healthier as a woman, you are more likely to have a smear test and have a mammogram.
\"The broader challenges are enormous, but the opportunities are enormous.
I am not politically trying to do something that cannot be achieved.
We are here to change behavior, change the dial, and give our children a sports experience that will benefit them for life.
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