[Exclamation] 3,500 pieces of such a women's thermal underwear were robbed in 2 minutes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
The internet is a place where miracles can happen. Ingorsports produced 3,500 pieces of thermal underwear for women, and customers sold out 3,500 in just two minutes. People exclaimed the magic of the Internet, and also made more underwear manufacturers think about how to correctly cut into the Internet.

This is an era that can create miracles in an instant, and this is also a fast era where time is measured in seconds. If a piece of information wants to quickly expose the world, the fastest and most convenient way should be the Internet. What if a product, at this time, is a thermal underwear? How easy is it to get exposure to the market? However, the 3,500 pieces of a thermal underwear that ingorsports provided for customers were sold out in just 2 minutes, which made people have to admire the magic of the Internet.

Ms. Fu is also from Guangzhou. With the unique business talent of Guangzhou people and her own knowledge of the Internet, she realized very early that the Internet will be a hot spot. It is an opportunity not to be missed, to quickly form a team and officially operate a micro-business.

With the intuition of being a woman, it should be a good choice to launch women's bottoming shirt thermal underwear in this autumn and winter season. Through comparison, we know that seamless women's bottoming shirt thermal underwear should not be an option.

Miss Fu quickly found the underwear factory ingorsports through the Internet. Through online communication with the customer service staff of the ingorsports seamless underwear factory, I learned that ingorsports has been specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years. I also learned that the ingorsports underwear factory has also launched a variety of Sewing knitted women's bottoming shirts and thermal underwear, he drove to the underwear factory for a personal interview.

ingorsports knitted autumn and winter exhibition hall, thousands of different styles of bottoming shirts, Womens sports leggings, thermal underwear, etc. are neatly displayed, and more than 10 newly launched fashionable seamless knitted women's bottoming shirts thermal underwear wear It was particularly prominent on the models, and the client quickly selected two of the women's thermal underwear in lace.

After a personal interview with the owner of the underwear factory, I immediately ordered these two types of thermal underwear. I ordered all of them, and an additional order of 20,000 pieces was added later. Subsequently, we negotiated with customers about the material, packaging, hangtags and other matters of thermal underwear. The first 50,000 pieces were sold out in just a few days. The following 3500 pieces of velvet thermal underwear are also available in stock, and some additional orders are required.

The customer sent another message saying that the thermal underwear and lace bottoming shirts produced by ingorsports are of good quality. 3,500 pieces were sold out in just 2 minutes after they were launched on the market. Underwear factories are also stepping up their hustle to complete the follow-up packaging.

Indeed, today, if you are also a manufacturer of underwear, still standing still and sticking to the rules, you will eventually be eliminated by this era. Work hard to meet new things and embrace this new era with an open and inclusive attitude.

If you are also looking for seamless underwear, seamless knitted bottoms, lace shirts or thermal underwear, come on! Welcome to ingorsports! 17-year-old source factory, A-class enterprise, Korean fashion design, quality assurance in Japan and Western Europe.

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