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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
etiquette: Tops: When wearing a double-breasted top, you should generally button all the buttons, and sometimes the bottom one may not be buttoned; another thing to note is that when wearing a single-row double-button sportswear, do not put two buttons. All buttons are buttoned, usually only the top one, or not at all. Pockets: The three-piece sportswear set has fourteen pockets with different functions. The two pockets of the sportswear manufacturer are used to hold some light, soft things, which would be rude and rustic if stuffed bulging. The upper pocket on the left breast is also called a hand towel pocket, which is specially used to insert decorative handkerchiefs, which can be embellished with decorative towels of specific colors. The inner pocket of the sportswear manufacturer is used to store some important documents, and some have a straight inner pocket for glasses. The vest's four pockets are dedicated to small, precious items. The left and right pockets of the trousers can be inserted or put into thick and hard things. There is a small pocket on the left side of the waistband for taking off the watch. Finally there are two back pockets, the right one for handkerchiefs and the buttoned left pocket for light and thin items. (Guangzhou sportswear manufacturer) Sleeves: In order to get the right size, the sleeves of the sportswear manufacturer are usually adapted to the sleeve length of the shirt, rather than the sleeves of the shirt to accommodate the sleeves of the sportswear. Vest: generally do not buckle the bottom button. The tie should be placed inside the vest without showing the tip of the tie. In formal occasions, wool vests or sweaters should be avoided. Shirt: The color and pattern of the shirt should be simple and elegant, and the hem should be tied inside the trousers. Before tying the tie, the collar button and cufflinks should be fastened. If you don't wear a tie, you don't have to buckle the collar, you can turn the collar over the top collar at this time. The collar is the focal point of the shirt and must be flat and clean. High-quality sportswear suits can be found on the official website of Ingor . Here are the latest styles of sportswear suits for the summer and autumn of 2015. The styles are all originally designed by designers. The styles are exquisite and the quality is excellent. It is suitable for teams to purchase in large quantities. It is the appearance ceremony of the sports meeting. The clothing brand of choice for group events. The main style of this summer is the moonlight in the lotus pond. The design principle is to choose the lotus element and follow the Chinese style fashion route. The fabrics are mostly made of icy silk, which is cool and breathable, not close to the body, and has no static electricity. It is suitable for summer sports wear. Since its establishment in 1997, it has continuously improved its quality and won its reputation. Related recommendation: Where is the sports T-shirt processing factory in Guangzhou?
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