Environmental awareness of underwear processing underwear manufacturers can not throw away

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
Underwear processing, because it involves dyeing and other processes, dyeing has a great relationship with environmental pollution. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection in recent years, how to reduce the pollution caused by underwear processing is also considered by every underwear manufacturer.

With the development of the economy, the process of industrialization is getting faster and faster. While people are pursuing economic interests, environmental problems are becoming more and more prominent; at the same time, people are paying more and more attention to their health. Clothes are in direct contact with the skin, so the underwear itself also needs to be safe and environmentally friendly.

ingorsports Guangzhou has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years, and realized it very early, so we used to have higher requirements and higher standards when exporting. Our seamless underwear products are sold abroad. It is sold in many urban markets, and has helped many foreign customers to do underwear OEM processing, such as Japan, South Korea, Canada, the United States, France and other Western European countries. Our underwear products are more in line with their quality requirements. Underwear products have passed Lai bacteria certification, SGS certification, Bureau Veritas certification, etc.!

In the selection of materials for underwear processing, the raw materials we choose are mainly those supplied by Yili, a company established in Suzhou in Israel, and those supplied by Huading, a listed company. The color of the underwear after production and processing is mainly black, white and skin color, and the color fastness is strictly controlled above 4 grades, which will not fade. Therefore, the seamless underwear processed by ingorsports itself does not pollute the environment. At the same time, because of the safety and environmental protection, the human body is also good for the body and will not cause any harm.

Here, ingorsports also reminds everyone that the clothing is not safe and the ring is not environmentally friendly, and simply teach you a few tips for identification. Generally, the colors are particularly bright, especially underwear, you should pay special attention; Another point is to take it in your hand and smell it, so you should also be cautious about wearing clothes with a particularly pungent smell. Therefore, when choosing underwear, try to choose conventional colors, and then choose some large underwear manufacturers to produce, and underwear with a certain reputation is more reliable.

The current environmental pollution problem concerns each of us, and also concerns our descendants. Each of us, every enterprise, including underwear processing, underwear manufacturers, all people, all enterprises should play a part Responsibility, protecting the environment, and keeping up with the times are the unshirkable responsibilities of our underwear processing and underwear manufacturers!

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