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engineered to beat the bounce

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-16
From the humble beginning-
The first modern sports bra is made of two guards sewn together ---
Sports brassiere has become a high
Tech apparel giant.
This is an engineering victory over gravity, and these tiny fabrics are now being studied and adjusted according to tiny details.
Some even use the camera rolling test in the bioengineering lab, the reflective tape records every bounce of the breast, every twist of the nipple.
There is only one piece of clothing that can include eight kinds of fabric with different amount of support, sweat
Sweat discharge performance and ventilation level.
As a category, they are used all the timemore-
Smooth microfibers that reduce friction.
Even the straps are specially designed, some with gel inside to add a buffer.
These advances are driven by growing expectations. -
Changing Needs-
With the unremitting efforts of women and researchers, they made bounce analysis and nipples --
Track a piece of art
One of the scientists, LaJean Lawson, has been working on sports bras at Oregon State University\'s biomechanics laboratory for nearly 20 years.
Today, she is a part-time professor of sports and sports science, testing and improving sports bra design with champion athletes.
* Lawson relies on a group of volunteers of different breast sizes to track the minimum details of the test bra.
These women are on the treadmill-
The speed per hour, while the six cameras set around the computer input the data.
Lawson was able to track the movement of the breasts in the bra with minimal detail.
At the end of each trial, Lawson will simulate the movement of the subject\'s entire body and the movement of the breast, moving up and down in space.
She can slowly track every twist and turn of the breast that tends to move in graphics
Reflects eight patterns of arm swing and shoulder rotation while running.
\"We can tell you how fast the nipples change in direction,\" she said . \".
We can calculate the speed and acceleration.
\"In fact, some of the data is a bit scary, she said.
\"Think about it when you play the whip fast,\" she said . \".
\"Most of the underlying tissue in the skin and breast is a little elastic, so when your breast moves down at a very fast rate, and then when your body lands and starts to rise again, you will change direction and you can get some very drastic acceleration when the breast is accelerating to try to catch up with the rest of the body.
The meaning of the sports bra is to slow it down.
\"The average weight of the 36 C breast is estimated to be around 10 ounces.
The researchers calculated that the size of the breast, the minimum support, is about 5 years old.
Six miles an hour, up to four miles a rebound.
Move up and down 7 inch relative to the trunk.
A good sports bra can be reduced by about half or more.
Today, Lawson said that her breast movements as a control bra have been somewhat different over the years.
She suspects that this is because the proportion of fat is higher. to-
Gland tissue in the breast.
As women get bigger, the breasts get bigger.
In the past 10 years, the average size of the breast has increased from 34B to 36C or 38C.
Of course, the new bra is designed according to the needs and has a better engineering design for larger breasts.
To fully understand the breast, it is first necessary to start with the fine connecting tissue known as the Cooper ligament, which separates the leaflet.
The researchers believe that these ligaments, along with collagen and skin tissue, bring gravity to the breast.
Not afraid of structure.
However, over time, as the elasticity of these tissues weakens, the breast loses its elasticity.
In theory, sports bras should slow down the appearance of sagging.
Not everyone believes, however. Dr.
Jaco Festekjian, assistant clinical professor of plastic and reconstruction surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles, has performed more than 1,000 operations on the breast, including Reconstruction, enhancement and reduction.
Other factors, such as genetics and pregnancy, are likely to be the biggest determinant of depression, he said.
\"The bra does not control the inherent elasticity of the ligaments,\" he said . \".
\"As time goes by, the ligaments that support the breasts relax, whether or not there are bras, and they don\'t want to bounce back once they give in to gravity.
\"It may be controversial whether the bounce will cause the depression, but the comfort is not.
Kevin Jones says works of art and artifacts dating back to ancient Greece and Rome show that active women have been working to solve the problem of chest bouncing, clothing historian at the Los Angeles Museum of fashion design and sales.
\"For example, we know from the mosaic in AD 340 that women in Sicily exercise with barbells in the gym and look like sports bras,\" he said . \".
\"Women did participate in sports at that time, and with the end of the medieval era, the role of women in society became more standardized and restricted at that time.
\"The first sports bra in modern history was born in 1977, when Lisa Lindal of Vermont was tired of breast pain while running.
Inspired by her husband\'s protective gear, she worked with costume designer Polly Smith and Vermont Senator Hinda schrebel Miller to design a sports bra from two sports supporters, sew them apart.
The trio introduced a modified version of the unit, first Jockbra, and then quickly renamed it Jogbra.
Sports retailers were initially skeptical. Women weren\'t.
\"We are driving more and more women in college sports,\" Miller recalls . \" He linked the appearance of the sports bra to the adoption of the ninth session in 1972.
This landmark legislation prohibits gender discrimination in schools receiving federal aid and has had a significant impact in sports.
In short, the sports bra opens a door for all women to exercise comfortably without feeling stupid.
\"Sports bras have changed our perception of the body over the years, and it recognizes that women of all sizes have the right to exercise and exercise,\" Miller said.
Breast should not be a factor.
\"Nowadays, sports bras are the necessary equipment.
Between 2000 and 2002, from the latest digital minte market research group offered, sports bras sold from $0. 3 billion to $0. 4 billion, up to 33% of sales.
* From the perspective of modern design, the sports bra is divided into two design types: \"compression\" or \"package \".
\"Many of the new bras are hybrid cars that steal a bit from each system and use compression to limit movement and encapsulation to lift and support.
But these choices are just the beginning. High-
Some of the performance products that are already on the market and some of the products that will be on the market this summer include: mobile comfortable \"clip-proof\" bra with nipple camouflage and protection function;
New AfterTechnology shaped bra;
Double sided bra with Under Armour with super
Smooth mesh for drying.
Even Victoria\'s Secret is using \"sexy sports\" to get involved.
The best-selling designs include those designed to support larger sizes of cups.
Champion says some of its biggest growth is comprehensive
Support style, size up to 44 DD.
Mobile comfort provides sports bras for patients with mastectomy and is developing sports bras for active women from 34 DD to 46 F
The researchers said,
The woman in the chest benefits the best-
Especially for them, inappropriate bras can be disastrous.
Lawson said: \"In theory, a loose, elastic bra with a large breast inside can actually drive things faster if the fabric has extreme stretching and recovery.
Even a child knows that if you pull the rubber band up and let it go, it will fly. \"*(
Start text of the infobox)
Comfortable, fit, and of course support the selection of the right sports bra-
And get proper cooperation. -
Patience is required, attention is paid to details, and willingness to move around in the fitting room.
* The first thing.
Decide whether to compress or package the style.
Compression Bra, like the first jogging bra, usually pulls over the head and squats the breast to limit movement.
They comfortably reduced their movement in high places.
Impact of small activitiesto medium-breasted women.
The package style separate and supports the breast, usually more comfortable than the compression style of the large packagebreasted women.
* Look for sweat microfibers such as Coolmax to keep it cool and dry.
The mesh board on the front or back will keep you cooler.
* Look for wide shoulder straps.
Broadband is unlikely to be dug in.
Non-stretched fabric in the strap reduces rebound.
Ideally, they should be inserted.
\"The patch straps can make a big difference in lifting your breasts from your shoulders and back to assign stress,\" said Jen Elise McKey, a national women\'s sports clothing store, the bra selector for heading nine.
* Pay special attention to the fit of the chest strap.
It provides the basis for the fit and should be snubbed around the rib cage.
* Use your regular size as a guide, but try a larger and smaller size.
If you don\'t want to worry about a rebound, it\'s a little tighter.
* Put it on before buying a bra, jump up and down and bend over.
Do as much as you can in the locker room, which will duplicate any activity you intend to do in it.
* Finally, after purchasing the bra, it is planned to be replaced every six months or so.
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