Engaged in the network operation of underwear processing factory 7 months of hardship and sweetness

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-24
At the beginning of the year, ingorsports, a Guangzhou underwear processing factory, has been engaged in the company's network operation for more than 7 months. The 7 months are not long or short. Running the official website of the underwear processing factory alone, insisting on SEO optimization of the underwear processing factory, these 7 months of persistence have been bittersweet, disappointing and rewarding.

Women's underwear is used as clothing. Generally, when an underwear processing factory hits the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind is to invest in Alibaba. The same is true for ingorsports underwear factory. Mr. Wang put more energy and capital into the Alibaba platform. As an independent platform for underwear processing factories, the official website takes into account the role of building the company's brand and receiving orders.

Many clothing manufacturers do not believe that they can receive orders through the official website, so most underwear manufacturers do not have their own independent official website, and some just put them there, and no one manages them at all.

Indeed, the SEO optimization of the official website of the underwear processing factory is a long-term process. Without paid promotion, the optimization in the official website can only be continuously optimized, and the products and copywriting are continuously released; the off-site optimization continues to publish copywriting on various platforms , products, videos, etc. The work is monotonous and boring. Many times, in the dead of night, alone in front of the company's computer, looking around, my heart can't help but feel a sense of emptiness...

I have been engaged in the operation of the official website for three or four years. It is precisely because of my past experience that I firmly believe that good products, strong factories and thoughtful services can make a difference with the help of network channels. Therefore, over the years, the operation work like the official website should also be in the form of team operations, and most manufacturers are completed by one or two people. I am also used to it. When I went to this underwear processing factory in the last company, one person Not only do we need to do preliminary website positioning, customer analysis, product understanding, but also to write an original copy every day, collect material data, and also take into account the search for a platform and customer service reception.

More than 200 days and nights, from the first time a Shanghai customer came to the underwear processing factory, with a small order of 500 pieces of bras, to a single order of 200,000, 1 million in September, finally let me stick to the network operation of the underwear processing factory. Some relief.

Yes, how many times have we received inquiries from customers about underwear processing plants, and how many customers have come to underwear processing plants to meet and negotiate. However, customers have come and gone, with expectations and disappointments. Fortunately, I have been used to calmness in network operations for many years.

Hold on! Persevere in waiting, persevere in waiting. Thinking back to my 7 months in the underwear factory is like yesterday!

Looking up into the distance and taking a deep breath... I sincerely wish you a smoother journey in the future!

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