eating tips for marathon runners

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-23
On a marathon-
Overeating, cheer for your long lifedistance race?
Well, you probably got the wrong finish line.
Eat whatever you eat-calorie overload and weekend explosions have to stop!
\"Sometimes, the carbohydrate load that people need is beyond their needs.
During training, you need to fuel your run, but don\'t use running as a reason to eat high-calorie and high-fat food, \"said Larry track of track and field fitness. com.
According to Brooke Brown, a registered dietitian at personalbest.
Ca, \"one might speculate that nutrition is good, so nutrition is better when in fact too much can get in the way of their performance.
\"Some people who think their exercise is hard often allow themselves to overindulge.
\"I often hear that the calories consumed by exercise are severely overestimated,\" Brown said . \".
Tame the hunger that never meets!
\"Now is not the time to eat everything and anything in front of you.
\"Fight off snacks and exercise willpower muscles.
Brown said: \"Eating is for training . . . . . . Instead of the other way around . \" He is also a professional all-around athlete.
\"The longer the race is, the more important nutrition is,\" said coach and runner Barry Shipley . \".
\"Whether you\'re a top Kenyan or a weekend fighter, just try to finish the half marathon, proper hydration and calorie intake during the race can have an impact between getting on the podium and not completing the race.
Track agrees: \"Don\'t Bond ! \"
\"Keep moisture and refuel properly before, during and after running to avoid hitting the wall.
\"Nutrition is the key to enhancing physical fitness.
Regardless of training or not, Track says there shouldn\'t be much change in your already good eating system.
\"You may need some extra calories because you will burn about 100-
150 calories per mile
You should avoid foods that your body is not used to and limit your alcohol intake.
He said: \"eat clean food and avoid food that the body does not agree.
\"Don\'t shock your body with anything new before the game,\" the track emphasizes, or you may find yourself running in the emergency bathroom.
Brown added: \"There is no well
A comprehensive diet, most of the purpose of your training may be lost.
Brown said: \"Good daily nutrition can make you train harder, keep your work hard, recover faster, and support the best physique for your running, \"He was recently the first place in the Illinois Ironman team.
Eat foods rich in variety, color and nutrition
To enhance energy and resistance to meet training needs, dense carbs, she added.
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