doreen: the bra that conquered the world

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-09
Prosperity and depression of underwear world;
According to the market research company Mintel\'s retail underwear report, the retail sales of British women\'s bras and trousers were estimated to have increased from 1998 to 2004 to reach 1. 14bn.
Because the size of the chest is rising, the chest will also become larger.
Yesterday, a German gynecologist, Thomas Gent, gave a health warning to a pair of underpants accusing the thong of causing a lot of genital irritation.
While big pants may be a new wave, big bras have become a secret mainstream.
Prosperity and depression of underwear world;
According to the market research company Mintel\'s retail underwear report, the retail sales of British women\'s bras and trousers were estimated to have increased from 1998 to 2004 to reach 1. 14bn.
Because the size of the chest is rising, the chest will also become larger.
Yesterday, a German gynecologist, Thomas Gent, gave a health warning to a pair of underpants accusing the thong of causing a lot of genital irritation.
While big pants may be a new wave, big bras have become a secret mainstream.
If you pay attention to underwear ads, it\'s hard to believe --those pert-
Figure woman in sports, cute or coquettish underwear-
But the best in the world
Selling Bras is far from itsy bitsy: its average size is 36D.
You won\'t find it splashing on the billboard.
Its manufacturers don\'t even want to mention its home. baked name -Doreen.
In the world of rotation, there is a reverse psychology, that is, zero contact with a person or product will create mystery and intrigue;
Resulting in hype and subsequent sharp column inches.
As for triumph-
Manufacturers of Dolin
The worry is that they really don\'t want to talk about Dolin, and the last thing they want to talk about is any type of coverage.
We are part of the international competition.
We were told not to be involved in anything related to Dolin because we are currently doing a lot of work in a younger, more fashionable market.
\"This is the direction we get,\" said Tony Jarvis, sales and marketing manager at Triumph. But best-
The World sells bras?
Don\'t want to be loud, this is an impressive cloak.
The conspiracy has begun.
What does this global-led bra look like and who bought it in large quantities?
Online retailer Figleaves has started selling Doline and has completed the task of finding doline wearers nationwide
Go out through the regional newspaper.
They offer a free Dolin bra to their actually called Dolin wearer.
In a week, more than 50 Lin (
Passport proof of their name)
Contacted Figg.
Doreen Massive turns out to be the baby boomers in their 50 s and older, which is not surprising to Claire Turner, the buyer of figleav, who has 18 years of experience in the underwear industry.
Turner said: \"If you mention triumph doline to any bra specialist, whether it\'s in M & S, John Lewis, or an independent store, they\'ll know what you\'re talking about.
It\'s the equivalent of a blender\'s Kenwood or Hoovers\'s Hoover-
Dyson is too modern. con.
For a generation that has been cultivated as brand loyalty, Dolin is a bra that can lift and maintain an ample chest without tearing the shoulders.
\"I \'ve been wearing dolene for 10 or 15 years,\" 58-year-
Retired old man and grandmother from Darlington, Dolin Whitaker.
\"I am the weight of my life --
Observer, so my chest can go from 36 to 40 degrees, and the assistant will bring me Dolin every time I put on my clothes.
Very comfortable and the straps are not worn in.
Once you find something that suits you, you stick to it.
\"Dolin Gould, a market researcher at Edgware, is another Dolin supporter.
\"It\'s been 20 years since I was Dai Dolin.
I didn\'t buy it because it was my name.
This is really a good bra.
It is well washed, the straps are comfortable and keep it in shape, which is important if you are big.
\"With underwear, people tend to be creatures of habit,\" Turner said . \".
\"Although Dolin was launched in 1967, this generation has become accustomed to this original style of 50 s.
It did the most amazing lifting work and three
The seam Cup automatically allows for a larger volume in the chest space.
The extra seams make everything different.
Like a high fashion
The more seams you have, the more opportunities you have to shape your body.
\"However, if we speak out, Dolin looks safer than the complex fashion creations we imagine.
\"It\'s because it doesn\'t have a wire,\" said Turner, who is clumsy in her appearance --
Heavyweight straps, wide wing spreads and serious seams around the structure;
It is essential to provide support for its functions.
Dolin is a cross. your-
Heart shaped bra, but no bullet missile Cup in the past 60 s.
\"Now they are getting round like melons,\" Turner said . \" He added more seriously: \"A lot of development work has entered doline in terms of fabric and construction.
The front is rigid, so it does not allow chest jumps, and the \"module\" in the wingspan is strictly controlled so that it can really support the back, thus helping to balance the front.
There are so many engineering designs in the bra that allow it to provide comfort and support and to suit a wide range of people.
Turner said she remembered something like that.
The shape of the bra is one of the best
When she works at M & S, she sells styles there.
Dolin is not attractive.
Big Pants equivalent to Bridget Jones.
Not exactly the kind of thing you will be plump when trying to look sexy or tempting in a state of near-undressing.
\"That\'s why triumph doesn\'t want to talk about it,\" Turner said . \".
\"For the past 20 years, they have been trying to update their image, and if they continue to talk about Dolin, the younger generation will not buy from them.
\"While most of the established lingerie companies have given up on this old bra style because of concerns that it looks too outdated to catch the coat during the race --
Fashionable tail recently-
They actually missed a lucrative market.
On the other hand, Triumph is tasting their fruit scones and eating them.
While promoting their new fashion focus, they are continuing (It\'s a secret though)
Make a bra that few people are still making, and make it for viewers who are far from recession.
Turner said: \"People are getting older and have longer lives, and if you look at the underwear market by age, I think the biggest part of it is 55 to 65.
Mintel\'s report against 55 people supports the fact
The 64 age groups are opportunities for growth in underwear, which is expected to grow by 2007.
Also, it makes sense for Figleaves to bring Doreen on board and online, because as Turner says: \"There are so many people like my mother --in-
The law of retirement, understand the computer;
She\'s been buying things online from John Lewis, so why don\'t she buy something like this too?
\"By the way, John Lewis has proven the expected growth in the doline market.
Their sales figures
Dolin is one of the best in the chain. selling bras -
It shows that the company\'s sales have increased by 10 per cent over last year.
\"I personally think Dolin is the best in the support bra,\" says Murray Haines, an underwear fitter at John Lewis Edinburgh.
\"Dolin is good for older ladies --
They don\'t like wires;
Also suitable for pregnant ladies, they are also a little big.
This morning, I installed Doreen for a lady who had a mastectomy.
It is very good at fixing the prosthesis inside.
Young women don\'t like this bra, Hynds admits.
\"But people will have children all the time, don\'t they, Dolin is great for them because it\'s so comfortable,\" Hynds said . \".
The statue is a cock. a-
Bring Dolin to their young label. led website.
\"Whether you\'re six months pregnant or 60year-
\"The old ones want your victory, or you want something new, young, trendy, we can give it to you,\" said Michael Ross, chief executive of felitz . \".
Selfridges are getting sexier and the M & S are getting more basic and we say we are here and attractive to everyone.
\"Returning to the nest on the gray pound is a smart move in the figleav \'part, but not just a generation of baby boomers --endowed.
She said the increase in chest size during the years Haines worked as a bra fitter was a significant change.
\"It was supposed to be 34 and 36B ten years ago, and now my normal accessories are more like 34DD and 36D.
Even on young girls.
I fit on the 10 th and 11 th. year-olds in D cups.
Turner agreed with Haines.
She cited three recent developments in underwear retail.
\"With the introduction of Leka, fashion underwear, the third and most obvious change is the larger size of the chest,\" Turner said . \".
\"I don\'t know if people are more aware of their size and get the correct installation, but the shape has changed and the smaller back of the larger cup size is a growing trend.
\"In fact, of the 220 brands that account for 4,000 products and 37,000 items (
Although the stronghold is a cute designer label)the best-
Selling Bras is a brand of larger sizes, which is why Turner said: \"The larger chest size is definitely the side we are going to develop.
\"This is consistent with the Mintel report, which says the bust size is increasing.
Statistics of 1,018 women aged 15
In addition, the increase in chest size also appears in young consumers and elderly people, not limited to those who are overweight.
As a result, Mintel acknowledges that while retailers do not consider large-size items to be particularly attractive, they are becoming more and more important, which is why manufacturers are considering not only increasing their size range --
There are only 36 size options for the average bra, while there are 67 for Dolin, up to 46 j-
They are also trying to make them more aesthetic.
With generations of young people looking for a change in the size of larger cups, if they are to target the market appropriately, they have to look for more feminine styles, Turner said.
Both Turner and Haines agree that, unfortunately, there is nothing to escape for those wide chest bands (
Or as some people say \"blessing \")
Because \"they need support \".
But manufacturers have responded to the new young market, which will not look at a Boulder twice. holding Doreen.
\"Two spaghetti straps instead of one double rouleaux belt\" is Turner\'s advice for those who want less
The strap looks strong.
\"If you really want to go to Rigby & Peller;
\"For something very sexy, try Freya and Fantasie does it very simply,\" Turner said . \"
(All three companies come from one parent company)
When she chose it.
Look for bigger bras.
So when the pickersfence, post-
There will be a period of war optimists who faithfully buy their beloved Dolin, and for those like bust and under 50, the good news is that when it comes to bras, German shooting
The putter style is definitely not the last word.
The first modern bra was invented by New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob, made of silk handkerchiefs and pink ribbons.
One of the most famous bras in history was created by Howard Hughes for Hollywood star Jane Russell, who wore the fugitive.
1968 feminists burn bras to show off their new bra
Liberated in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City
The first sports bra was created by Hinda Miller, Lisa Lindal and Polly Smith, who sewed the two guards together and named it a jogger.
1981 Marilyn Monroe\'s pink mesh bra, 36 yards, is available for sale in Sotheby\'s for £ 520 and comes with night packs and gloves.
1990madonna\'s bullet bra became a sensation on her trip to blonde wild hearts.
Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the bra is based on an antique breastplate worn by Italian soldiers and later earned £ 14,100 at auction.
Hello 1994 boys.
The Gossard Wonderbra poster, featuring Eva Herzigova, triggered a controversial storm.
The advertising complaints agency thinks they are decent.
But as male drivers find themselves distracted, the Royal Association for accident prevention has condemned them for causing a crash.
Girls are also super fans, and Macy\'s in New York sells 3,000 pounds a day.
Wobble was built by 2000 engineers-
The troubles of the Millennium Bridge help to design the Charnos Bioform bra using stress analysis research.
Marks and Spencer describe it as \"probably the most important development in the history of women\'s underwear\" at a cost of 2.
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