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does the bra you wear decrease your milk?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-03
Ensuring good milk production is an important goal for a nursing mother.
Although there are a lot of things that will affect your milk supply-
From the time of feeding to the medicine you are taking-
Your bra is unlikely to be the main cause of poor milk supply.
However, choosing the wrong bra can cause discomfort and other problems, so you\'ll want to choose a comfortable, supportive breastfeeding bra when you\'re breastfeeding.
Breast milk production is based on supply and demand, so the reduction in milk is usually related to babies who do not feed regularly.
In general, most women can produce enough milk for a lactating baby, and historically women have been able to successfully breastfeed twins and other multiples without running out of milk.
Certain medications, collapsing diets, and medical problems can sometimes affect milk supply, so talk to your doctor or breastfeeding consultant to rule out other issues before blaming your bra, if you feel your milk supply can\'t keep up with your child\'s needs.
Sometimes the blame for the production of milk is attributed to the bra, but there is no evidence that the bra does reduce the supply of milk.
However, wearing an underwear bra or a very tight bra can clog a particular breast tube and cause a blockage of the breast tube, causing the pain accumulation or infection of the breast tube in that part, according to AskDrSears. com.
For most women, wearing underwear occasionally does not cause problems, but it is better to insist on using a soft care bra in daily wear.
Nursing bra designed to support your milk
There are not too tight breasts.
They usually have flaps that allow you to open the front of each chest Cup so that you can take care of it carefully without completely removing the bra.
Because your breast feeding may change shape and size during breastfeeding, you may need several nursing bras of different sizes.
Considering that the type of bra you choose will not affect the shape or size of the breast after you stop breastfeeding, there is no need to use tight or super
Support Bra to prevent sagging later.
AskDrSears said that the condition of the breast after breastfeeding is actually determined by genetics and the shape and size of the breast during pregnancy. com.
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