Does Ingor Sportswear has product showroom?
Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co.,Ltd. has a showroom to better cater to consumer needs. The showroom provides a compelling, high-touch experience for our clients who visit our factory. Though our online resources provide product information such as colors, sizes, and specifications, the listings cannot give our customers the feeling of undergoing sports bra in person. For that, customers usually need a showroom. We welcome our customers to experience our products in person. We put out samples that allow visitors to interact with products. We also share product videos on our website or on our Facebook page that walk our customers via the uses, applications, and benefits of sports bra .

Ingor Sportswear is an economic power in sports bra field with its own powerful manufacturing capability. The sports bra is one of the main products of Ingor Sportswear. With well-selected materials, Ingor Sportswear colorful sports bras boasts a pretty impressive set of features. Our tank tops for women have a wide sizes option. The product has a wide range of characteristics, including requiring fewer mechanical parts over traditionally built alternatives, simple design, and tightly packed. Professional after-sale service is available for our products.

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