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Does ingor knitting process seamless underwear proofing charge? How long does it take to sample?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-02
ingorsports is based on providing customers with personalized on-demand services, and the two parties are in agreement with each other. I usually charge a sample fee of 300 yuan per item for processing seamless underwear. After the customer officially places an order, the proofing fee will be refunded to you as the payment. So seamless underwear proofing at ingorsports is practically free!

ingorsports seamless underwear proofing basic process is:

Customers provide sample drawings or samples (preferably samples) - customer requests - customer confirmation requirements - proofer proofing - customer confirmation samples - bulk orders

Explanation: Proofing charges 300 yuan/piece. If the customer is not satisfied with the proofing, you can follow-up for several times without charging any fees until the customer is satisfied. 300 yuan is deducted from the large payment.

ingorsports Proofing cycle: about 7 days; mass production cycle: 15-25 days.

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