Do you know what color top goes well with purple pants?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-18
[What kind of top to match with purple pants] Purple pants look elegant and fashionable. Men wear it with a gentleman's style, and women wear it with a ladylike temperament. But the combination of blue pants and tops is very important, so what kind of tops should purple pants go with to show their charm? The author is here to discuss it with you, and give you some reference for beauty lovers. Here are a few ways to match purple pants with tops: When matching purple pants with black, the same matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. When mixing purple and brown, you need to take an additive method. Purple clothing only needs to be out of a small area, otherwise it will feel very old-fashioned. For the matching problem of purple clothing, it is best not to use two-piece suits of different colors, which will look quiet and beautiful. (Casual sports suit) The ideal collocation of purple trousers and clothing mainly lies in the comparison of the difference between light and dark. For example, lavender trousers paired with a dark purple blouse, or elegant or stylish, can express the characteristics of women. The appropriate combination of purple and some other reds, oranges, and greens can also achieve good results. For example, a purple suit with a red-orange or yellow-green shirt is suitable for women of different styles to wear on different occasions. The problem of matching purple trousers with a top is very worthy of study. What kind of top should purple pants go with? Purple is a neutral color, heavy, elegant and fashionable, with mysterious color elements. The combination of clothing with purple as the key color can create an emotional atmosphere that other colors cannot. However, the use of purple to match the top must be careful, if the match is not suitable, it is not easy to produce good results. Generally speaking, it is more difficult to configure the lotus and green lotus of the purple system with other colors. In Beijing, we often see women with purple pants and women with blue or black pants. Because the shades of deep purple and blue or black are very close, it is very easy to produce a confusing and fuzzy feeling. (Admission uniform for the sports meeting) What kind of top should go with purple trousers? Purple pants are the latest fashion, not only a simple wear, but also an external manifestation of personal values ​​and connotations. Everyone has their favorite elements, but purple undoubtedly has the most followers. I hope everyone who loves beauty can wear their own style!
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