Do you know, ingor seamless underwear factory is really unusual

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-24
There is such a seamless underwear manufacturer in Guangzhou. It has only focused on one thing for 17 years, only focusing on seamless underwear products such as sports bras, body underwear, knitted camisole, 5/7 trousers, yoga clothes for women clothes, sportswear manufacturer and so on. A manufacturer specializing in production and processing, it is Guangzhou ingorsports seamless underwear manufacturer. Because of its focus, it is professional; because of its professionalism, ingorsports 'Van Xueer' has been rated as 'Famous Trademark of Jinhua City' by Jinhua Municipal Government of Guangzhou Province for many years!

'Approved, approved!' Manager Hu of Guangzhou Ingorsports Underwear Factory excitedly went to the e-commerce department with a document and said loudly early in the morning. Come out with a book and a medal. It turns out that our ingorsports underwear factory 'Van Xueer' was once again rated as 'Jinhua Famous Trademark' by the Jinhua Municipal Government, and the registration number: 3660267

This year, Xiaobian has the honor to join the e-commerce department of ingorsports to assist the underwear factory in promoting the company's brand. On the first day, under the leadership of ingorsports colleagues, I visited the workshop, exhibition hall, and exhibition rooms of various awards, and I was deeply moved by the scene in front of me!

'2007 Compassionate Dedication, Love and Kindness Warm HeartEnterprise'In 2013, it was selected as 'Famous Trademark of Jinhua City'!

I asked my colleagues, are these all our ingorsports? My colleague proudly said, 'Yes!' The colleague also told me that the ingorsports underwear factory is actually a very powerful factory. Although it is a production-oriented enterprise, the underwear factory's general manager Wang is wise and wise, insists on making good products, and is responsible for customers and users. The product quality is produced according to the Japanese quality requirements, and it is at the forefront of the industry in terms of material selection and style design. So over the years, our underwear products produced by ingorsports have been well received by customers. It has also set up direct branches in the United States.

The market environment has also undergone some changes in the past two years. As an entrepreneur with social responsibility and responsibility, Mr. Wang of ingorsports underwear factory has always told everyone that our ingorsports is such a good product, it should be bought by Chinese people, so in In 2015, it began to expand the domestic market, and directly through platforms such as Ali, Chinese people can also buy products with European and Japanese quality requirements.

No, our ingorsports brand was recognized as a famous trademark of Jinhua City in 2013 (valid for three years), and it will expire at the end of 2016, and it has just been renewed as 'Famous Trademark of Jinhua City, In fact, our ingorsports 'Van Xueer' brand is still applying for a famous brand in Guangzhou. In the future, our ingorsports underwear factory 'Fan Xueer' will not only be a famous trademark in Guangzhou, but also a famous trademark in China.

Yes, we are a company like ingorsports seamless underwear factory, our products like Fan Xueer should benefit more customers and allow more users to use our 'Van Xueer' products. At the same time, we also firmly believe that, Under the leadership of Mr. Wang of the seamless underwear factory, our ingorsports will surely move towards greater glory!

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