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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-16
Today, the editor invites the trendy people to give you some tips for matching your down sportswear manufacturer with sportswear and sweater, so that you can come up with new ideas for matching. Do you have any tips for matching down jackets with sportswear and sweaters? Is it good to match down jackets with sportswear and sweaters? Here are a few simple trendy outfits for you. Down jacket with sportswear sweater, purple down jacket with light blue sportswear manufacturer sweater, wearing purple will make you have some mystery. At the same time, purple can make your skin appear much fairer. The shades of purple and blue are similar, and visually feel a comfortable and soft feeling. A mix of short down jackets and long purple tracksuit sweaters can make you look really stylish. When wearing long sportswear and sweater skirts, you should pay attention to keeping your legs warm, and a brushed beige snow boot is just right for you. Wearing a sportswear sweater will make the neck a little bloated. You might as well make a cute bun for yourself and bring a good-looking hair accessory to show the charm of a little woman. The down jacket is matched with a sportswear sweater, and the sky blue down jacket is matched with a contrasting sportswear sweater. The so-called contrasting color matching is a complementary color matching. Two colors that intersect at 180 degrees on the color wheel are generally what we call contrasting colors. Contrasting colors seem to conflict with each other, and it is not a color between a color system and a cool and warm color that becomes a contrasting color. The blue down jacket is very conspicuous in the gray and cold winter when everything is dying. Contrasting colors will give you more subtle, lively tones. You can choose a blue down sportswear manufacturer and an orange sportswear manufacturer sweater for a slightly retro feel. The blue down jacket and red sportswear sweater will make you look less cool, giving people a warm and approachable feeling. Down jackets with sportswear sweaters, white down jackets with beige, light blue sportswear sweaters, white down jackets are very spirited to wear, and basically every girl will have one in their wardrobe. However, due to the fact that white down jackets are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, they are often left unused because they cannot find a good match. White is almost versatile. If you want to highlight your skin tone, you still need to pay attention to some color matching knowledge. If you have fair skin to be proud of, light green and pink, peach sweatshirts are for you. If you have yellow skin, burgundy and brownish red can brighten your complexion. And beige or light blue sportswear manufacturer sweaters make you look more energetic. Today, I will introduce some of the most common combinations of down jackets and sportswear sweaters. Down jackets are essential clothing in winter, while sportswear and sweaters are a classic fashion dress. The combination of the two allows you to shine in winter and become the focus of everyone's attention. (Group purchase of sports shoes)
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