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do too-tight jog bras impair breathing?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
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Hygienic cleaning
Improve sports but may get sick
Does the fit jogging bra hinder success?
If it is too tight, it may be a little nervous.
The nature and function of the jogging or sports bra should be close-fitting to fully support the breast.
\"However, if it shrinks to the point where it does not allow the chest to expand during breathing, it may theoretically be harmful,\" explained Dr.
Miho Jean Tanaka, director of the Johns Hopkins women\'s sports medicine program, said in an email interview.
Fortunately, the jogger has to really bind the \"girl\" to make a big trouble.
\"Since most sports bras are designed with elastic bands, this can actually damage breathing and reach the level of danger, but can cause discomfort,\" Tanaka added . \".
You don\'t want to mess up the lack of oxygen.
Tanaka pointed out that the brain and muscles are dependent on breathing oxygen in any type of exercise, but runners should pay special attention to the fit of the bra.
\"Especially in endurance-type activities, there is a greater need for our bodies ,[are]
\"We rely more on our breathing to support this,\" she said . \" Anything that prevents or eliminates deep breathing can lead to shortness of breath or even dizziness, she notes.
The bra size system can be confusing, but it\'s worth finding the right size.
Research findings from Portsmouth University
The fit, packaged jogging bra reduces breast movement and associated pain by up to 73% compared to \"bare\"
Run the VPs.
\"The package just means that the bra supports each breast individually in a single cup.
A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sports Science found that 75% of the 1,285 participants experienced fit problems with sports bras, the most common thing is that the shoulder straps \"dig\" both of which may be made by too-small fit.
Sports/outdoor clothing retailer REI recommends that runners choose a high support/impact design, adding that two fingers (but no longer fingers) should be able to fit the straps and body of the bra.
In order to minimize the possibility of breathing problems, Tanaka recommends trying potential jogging bras and testing fit by taking a short period of activity and/or taking a deep breath at rest.
She explained: \"In general, the lower band around the ribs should be comfortable, but not uncomfortable, while the material around the chest may feel tighter to provide adequate support, \"She should not have the feeling of limited breathing when she is resting.
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