Do a good job in underwear quality Guangzhou underwear factory ingor knitting insists on doing this

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-24
The importance of quality is very important for underwear manufacturers; without the guarantee of good underwear quality, underwear manufacturers will have no market; without the market, underwear will not have good prices, underwear manufacturers will have no profits, and underwear factories without profits will not be able to develop and surviving. Therefore, recognizing the quality is a must for every underwear manufacturer. Ingorsports-2017 Guangzhou underwear manufacturers insist on doing this in order to improve the quality of underwear.

1. All staff participate, establish quality awareness!

Ingorsports, Guangzhou underwear factory, holds a quality day every week, and conducts training and assessment on underwear quality requirements through the participation of all staff. Every new employee who comes to the underwear factory must be trained and familiar with the requirements of underwear processing technology. Let every employee of the underwear factory have quality awareness, where do our wages come from? The quality requirements of underwear processing are 100% not 99%, and the quality requirements are strictly controlled.

2. Formulate the standard of underwear processing process!

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has learned and summarized over the years. In addition to the regular work instructions and basic underwear quality requirements for underwear processing, each underwear must go through a sample before processing, and customers will confirm the sample through the sample. Determine the preliminary process and precautions of underwear processing. Before the official production of bulk goods, pre-production meetings, pre-production samples, etc., will further improve and determine the underwear processing process and standards, and a special person will be responsible.

3. Special personnel are responsible for inspection.

Many underwear manufacturers do not lack underwear processing instructions and awareness of underwear quality. However, in order to save money, underwear manufacturers do not have special personnel responsible for inspection and supervision. The underwear processing process just goes down, until the last couple finds that something is wrong here and there is a problem there. There is no requirement for the quality of underwear mentioned.

In ingorsports, Guangzhou underwear factory, there are more than 40 processes in the underwear processing process, and each process has a special person responsible for it. And it is also equipped with special IPQC quality inspectors, patrol inspectors, etc. to ensure that each process is carried out in accordance with the process standards!

The quality of underwear processing is not just about words, it is a real process, there are standards, there are implementation, and there is inspection and supervision. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has done just that. Because of this, the underwear produced by ingorsports underwear factory must strictly meet the quality requirements of Japan, South Korea and Western Europe for many years, and it will be exported to the world all the year round!

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