Do a good job in the marketing of bottoming shirts in the holidays and autumn. The underwear factory teaches you to do this.

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-24
Now is an important moment for the production and sales of autumn bottoming shirts. Underwear manufacturers are very busy. As a business, underwear manufacturers want to develop by leaps and bounds. If they want to leave without marketing, a very important point of marketing is to take advantage of the situation, build momentum, and attract attention. Then every holiday is an excellent promotion not to be missed for underwear factories.

Guangzhou ingorsports is a manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of seamless underwear in 17 years. This season is also a peak season for the production and sales of autumn bottoming shirts. The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day just passed, and the Canton Fair will soon be ushered in. 'Double 11 Shopping Festival ”, how the underwear factory takes advantage of the holidays to do marketing activities, ingorsports believes that these points should be done well in design.

1. Autumn bottoming shirt styles should be fashionable:

Like the 'Van Xueer' series of autumn bottoming shirts produced and processed by ingorsports, the target audience is women between the ages of 16 and 32. These women are young and fashionable, pursuing themselves and exuding youthful charm, so they fight against each other. Bottom shirt clothing is also required to be very individual, revealing but not obvious, lost but not lost. Therefore, the designers of ingorsports grasped the psychology of women and borrowed some international, especially Korean fashion elements, and designed the autumn bottoming shirts which can be described as screaming products. Many customers buy our products, wear our products to sell to his customers.

2. The LOGO design of the autumn bottoming shirt should be exquisite:

I believe everyone who likes cars knows the importance of LOGO, and the same is true for clothing. If you want to sell well in autumn, the bottoming shirt should not only be the product of the bottoming shirt itself, but also the packaging and LOGO. Exquisite LOGO logo, it is easy for customers to remember your product in an instant.

3. Underwear factories should cooperate with the holidays to create momentum for marketing:

If you want to do a good job in the marketing of bottoming shirts in autumn, underwear manufacturers should not only push the staff of the electrical department to do it, but should be the offline storefronts of underwear manufacturers, franchisees, etc. to cooperate with some powerful factories that take advantage of the holidays to build momentum. It can cooperate with outdoor advertising or TV media, network, network alliance, micro-business, circle of friends, etc. to spread quickly, including the use of popular online celebrity live broadcasts and other publicity methods.

Therefore, if underwear manufacturers want to quickly launch the autumn bottoming shirt marketing activities in this season, they must not exaggerate the propaganda under the premise of ensuring product quality, and use advanced tools to promote marketing and spread it quickly and vigorously to attract the attention of the public. , let more people know and understand your bottoming shirt products, your underwear factory.

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