diy swim top

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-24
By: Shelby Barton material: 1 bra 1/2 yards or 1 yard material sewing machine/thread Renault frozen paper trace and outline each cup on frozen paper.
Then you want to delete what you just tracked.
When you cut, keep in mind that about 1/4 extra material needs to be considered in order to be able to fold and stitch to the bra.
Place the freshly cut outline on the material and then cut the material into shape.
Now you need to outline and cut out the side straps that surround your side and hook them in the back.
Once you get these cuts out, you can pin it to the cuts you make for the pads.
Once you fix both ends together, you can sew them together.
Now that you have cropped the material for the bra, you need to take out the material and fix it to the top edge of each liner with the inside of the material (
The side you don\'t want to show when you\'re all done)facing out.
This way, when you sew along the top of the bra, you can flip the material and the outside of the bra will show the right side.
Once you flip the material (right-side out)
You can then nail the rest of the material on the bra and then sew the material on the bra.
Once you have all the material fully sewn into your bra, you have your final product.
Your own, personalized swim top! Easy peasy (
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