Disha Patani ditches bikini for t-shirt: Here\'s how fans reacted

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-11
Disha Patani often wears a bikini in her Instagram post, but now, when she\'s in t-
ShirtDisha Patani is known to have increased the hot business.
The actress often draws attention through her bikini posts.
These bikinis are usually promotional activities for Di Sha\'s recognition of the I brand. e. Calvin Klein.
Disha Patani often posts photos of her wearing the brand\'s bikini.
To promote the brand, the actress will now visit Chandigarh.
In order to post this post, a photo was shared.
In this photo, see that Disha is wearing t-shirt.
She showed no skin at all, neither a bikini nor a crop --top.
The fans of Disha couldn\'t keep calm when they saw this.
They immediately began to monitor her and the brand.
Fans left a comment like this, \"they finally gave her a t-
Shirt \"and\" Salman ne siar sikhaaya hai \".
For those who are not in charge, Disha Patani will next be paired with Salman Khan in the movie Barat.
Disha Patani had previously endorsed bikini and crop tops only on the brand.
The last time she told Chandigarh that she would come, the actress was wearing a black crop top.
On the Job side, Disha Patani will be on the big screen soon.
The film is Eid al-Fitr.
Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Khan works with his brotherin-
The film also starred in Katrina Keve, Tabb, Nora fatch, Jackie Shurov, Sunier Grover, asahev Sheikh, shahank
The film will also feature young actor Valen Davan in a cameo form.
In addition to that, Disha Patani has already started filming.
The film will feature her with Adele Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Kunar Keem.
Directed by Mohit Suri, he gave Aditya for the first time (debut film)hit .
The film also brought Aditya and Kunal together after its recent release.
At the same time, Disha Patani is often associated with it.
The actress and Tiger were friends since childhood.
She is very close to his family.
It is reported that they even celebrate the new year together.
The couple also appeared in the last edition of Tiger. se .
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