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dirty dancers going green

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-30
I will be back as a dancer in my next life.
Dancers Monica West and Britta Lazenga are long and thin, with armpits on their feet, and eat everything-suffer and run over the stage at the Royal Alexander Theater: classic story, hit August. 31.
So why do they drink pure green tea instead of a large cup of coconut?
They are temperamental because they are in 30-Liver Detox Day
\"Britta gave me seven pillars of health at Christmas, a detox book,\" West said while shopping at Finn, a popular new boutique on Yorkville Avenue.
West gave Lazenga warm socks and clothes she wore.
In their new therapies, they cannot eat sugar, wheat, meat, dairy products, alcohol, coffee or chocolate, nor can they be fried or processed.
Grain and grain were left behind.
\"I have been eating brown rice,\" West said . \".
What about the energy that dirty dances need?
How do they avoid fainting?
\"In fact, now that we have good health nutrition, we have more energy,\" Lazenga insisted . \".
\"At some point, you need to give your organs a break.
\"The hardest thing in the last 22 days is juice is fast,\" West said . \".
\"I want to eat protein.
\"The production location is located in a resort hotel in Catskill.
West worked with stud muffin Johnny Castle on the resort\'s floor show while Penny was pregnant, playing the naive teenager Penny, taking over Penny enga\'s role.
Lazenga was trained in dance in Pittsburgh and Minni aborith and joined the New York joverry Ballet in 2001, where she played a major role in The Nutcracker, white Widow, untitled and solo characters in the Midsummer Night Dream, Apollo, Romeo and Juliet.
When she was a teenager, West studied at the Rochester City Ballet and Modern Dance at the University.
After graduating, she did a lot of theater performances in New York, including in
Broadway at Barrow Street Theater
She appeared on soap all her life and starred in one of her
Dear Dad, the confession of GoGo.
She gave up the opportunity to perform the work at the International Fringe Festival in New York in August to play the role of the baby, not only a woman but also an impressive dancer.
\"I \'ve been asked how hard it is to play a bad dancer,\" West said with enough anger to reassure us that we didn\'t ask.
This is technical;
\"It\'s not dancing,\" she explained.
\"It\'s about getting more comfortable in your body. \"Size-
Zero Lazenga tried a silver mini that was too big.
Except for the chocolate brown sheath that was glued together, everything on her body was too big. Even her pre-
Raphaelite\'s hair seems too long for her body.
\"If we buy something cool, we can go to Lee\'s house for dinner and pretend to be a fashionista,\" West suggested . \".
\"We are playing costumes.
\"Pretend I was scheduled once,\" Lazenga said . \" He swore she was an athlete.
\"I\'m a super football fan.
I wear my boyfriend\'s T-shirt. Shirts and jeans
I like to dress up but I curl up with my boyfriend most of the time and have a glass of wine or beer. \"She wears six-
High heels in the show, but not in everyday life.
\"I wear hiking boots and tennis shoes.
When I have no money for ballet, I shop in the Old Navy and H & M.
I like shoes and bags but can\'t afford them.
\"They don\'t shop much in Toronto.
\"I don\'t have time,\" Lazenga said . \". \"I\'m too tired.
My legs are tired and my day is focused on my work.
I did go to Holts because it was hard to find Bobbi Brown and YSL cosmetics.
West, who lives in New York, regularly visits Barney\'s warehouse for sale.
She bought her fabo boots at Tootsie Plohound: severely reduced.
\"I like interesting things,\" she said . \"
\"I like clean lines.
I\'m not a label prostitute.
I despise wearing any clothes that explain the problem.
I found a jean brand I like but it\'s not \'it\' jean.
I like the Citizens of Humanity and the citizens of Joe.
\"Seven people fit me,\" Lazenga said . \".
\"It\'s fun to wear not that bad denim shorts or white T-clothesshirt (
Her baby clothes),\" West adds.
\"They gave me only matr clothes: Grandma\'s underwear and my show bra.
I know I found the boy at the end and she lost her virginity so can you at least raise the hem!
We can send the baby what we don\'t wear girls.
\"Penny has cool clothes.
Penny\'s clothes are 10 times more cute than anything in my closet.
\"Penny\'s clothes have costumes and cocktail party dresses with beautiful red hats.
\"I\'m really spoiled,\" Lazenga said . \".
They are not rubbish or slutty, but sexy.
Penny is not a slut.
\"Whether it\'s West or razanga, it\'s the best friend and very good at forging friendships.
\"We came in July and Britta thought I was a very strange girl and I thought she was a foreigner (
She is Norwegian, Czech)
But maybe she can speak English, \"West recalls.
\"We were in a hurry to find the apartment and during that time we found out about each other. \"And bonded.
They don\'t sleep together.
They live with their respective boyfriends: one is a model and the other is an actor who will remain nameless.
People think they are sisters, West said.
When they packed before going to the Whole Foods supermarket to buy kale, we noticed that they had the same hat, despite the different colors.
Somehow they managed to make it without being cute.
\"I want to have a drink and watch the playoffs,\" Lazenga said . \".
\"I want cheese,\" West said . \"
\"I don\'t want kale, but I\'m eating it.
\"I like it,\" Lazenga said . \".
You almost believed her.
After all, kale means you never have to say you\'re bloated.
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