Digital Dad: My Attempt to Lose the Dad Bod

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-17
The Dad Bod.
When you wake up and realize that you can\'t see your feet anymore, your breasts are bigger than hers, and you are most likely to have one.
For the past few months I have been accusing many dry cleaners of \"shrinking\" my suit and I have been setting the washing machine to low heat, because my shirt why not my wife has also been hinting that I will be able to breastfeed the number 3 stuff very soon, and when she leaned me against the sports bra I started to take the hint.
Of course, I\'m not a male model until things 1, 2 and 3 arrive (
I\'m more of a female model now)
But to some extent I did manage to avoid the visual signs of aging and gravity.
No matter what you call me, I have my father now.
This is basically my old body, but it is no longer suitable for my clothes, it is better to cover it. . .
Some would argue that this has always been the case, but we would ignore it and act quickly.
So Dad, this is a problem because I was invited to my cousin\'s wedding (Hi Sophie & Ed)
A week later, my only black suit was clearly \"shrinking.
There was no time and/or patience to go to the gym and I decided at the time to start my first diet of non-Cadbury varieties (
My milk chocolate friend, say goodbye now.
That\'s the weekend-
The next day, Bei got up, fed the children, poured himself a bowl of all the food and joined them, how hard it was --Bran (
Yes, it still exists).
By the fourth spoon, every drop of water in my mouth was sucked off by a sponge.
I think I\'m doing the 60 second cream cookie challenge.
I would love to call bell Griers, but it would be stupid if I didn\'t have his number.
The poor guy looked at me with a slightly worried look.
He handed me some of his orange juice but I refused.
A Penny, a pound, etc.
I had a salad for lunch.
I had a salad for dinner.
I had a carrot stick in my late tea dunk.
At eight o\'clock A. M. the next morning, wifeey and all the children locked themselves in the kitchen while I knocked on the door with a rice cake and begged for fried food.
I threatened to eat, but even the horror screams of the first and second things were not enough to open the door. But I held on.
Mainly because when I passed the mirror in the hall, I looked at my reflection and stared at me for something like \"laziness.
I growled and came back to everyone --Bran hell.
Somehow, I spent the next few hours and by 5 minutes the grumpy fat man was ready to sell the kids to kebabs.
I stood on the scale and watched the digital reader flash for a few seconds (
Apparently an unreliable battery)
Hold your breath and wait.
Yahoo lost 3 lbs, 3 lbs. whole-Pound in 36 hours. Unbelievable.
Then, when my fat brain kicks me into questioning it.
I think it\'s incredible.
That damn battery.
The reader is very dim. I can\'t see the decimal point.
This is actually the case.
Yahoo lost 3. 3lbs. Result.
There is no better way to celebrate than eating butter chicken and having some Cadbury friends of mine. . . . .
Belt and casual pants are ready.
Great wedding. DDFollow me |
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