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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-31
Analysis of the development trend of thermal underwear industry

Like other traditional apparel industries, the thermal underwear industry has had many problems over the years. The most important of which are the four major pain points of inventory imbalance, low profits, customer loss, and sales bottlenecks that have been plaguing the underwear industry. From offline private retail stores, clothing wholesale markets, large department stores, shopping centers, to online sales such as e-commerce platforms, mobile mobile shopping, and brand experience stores. In particular, the impact of the epidemic in the past two years has accelerated online development. The thermal underwear industry is fully ushering in the era of new retail, and the underwear market is accelerating market segmentation.

The continuous development of new technologies has re-examined the definition and value of thermal underwear. At the same time, women's self-awareness and self-worth have gradually risen. The economy is booming. The 'she' economy activates women's awareness of body management, coupled with the spread of the social economy, women have a more professional demand for thermal underwear products.

Under the background of the new era, women's acceptance of different styles and functional underwear is gradually increasing, and there are higher requirements for the function of underwear, which promotes the industry to be more subdivided. Comfort, fashion and functionality have become the main considerations for contemporary Chinese women to buy underwear. At present, the categories of women's intimate clothing with the most growth potential are sports bras, shapewear, and bras.

As people increasingly advocate the consumption concept of green environmental protection and the pursuit of clothing concepts such as technology sense and health, green environmental protection, intelligent, health and body sculpting are the trends of the domestic underwear industry in 2021 and in the future. Underwear with these functional characteristics will attract more attention: collocation, comfort, fashion, cost performance, and functionality.
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