Design highlights of Ingor Sportswear's new 2015 sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-13
Ingor 's new sportswear design highlights this year are mainly in design inspiration and clothing fabrics. The design creativity incorporates many traditional Chinese elements, such as“lotus”“Huabiao”Wait, the fabric also innovatively uses four-way elastic and bamboo charcoal fiber, which can be said to be a brand new breakthrough. Let's follow the editor to see the design highlights of this year's Ingor sportswear. The first is design inspiration, Ingor has a sportswear this year called“lotus pond moonlight”, The design inspiration comes from the lotus, which is clean and not demonic, and is not stained by the mud. The whiteness of the lotus is integrated into the design of sportswear, coupled with high-quality jacquard icy silk fabrics, to enhance this simple atmosphere. It has both the fashion of modern sportswear and Chinese characteristics. It is a very good sportswear. Ingor also has a“good luck”series, the design inspiration also comes from Chinese classical elements-“As one wishes”,Will“As one wishes”Abstractly printed on the shoulders of the sportswear, coupled with the contrasting color design, the originally bland sportswear immediately has a meaning, which is a good blessing for the wearer and a good wish for life. Secondly, look at the new fabrics used in Ingor sportswear, and mainly introduce two types, one is four-way elastic functional fabric, which is mainly used for outdoor sportswear; the other is bamboo charcoal fiber fabric, which is used to make sports T-shirts. These two types are all new fabrics used by Ingor this year. The four sides are stretched on the original double-sided elastic fabric. The innovative technology increases the elasticity on both sides. As the name suggests, it is called“four-way bomb”, it is more superior in function, and the garments made are more comfortable to wear. Bamboo charcoal fiber is a very healthy fabric, which is safe and comfortable to wear next to the body. The above is an introduction to the design highlights of Ingor 's new sportswear in 2015. The new design elements and the use of new fabrics are the highlights of Ingor 's clothing.
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