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danniella westbrook goes for a run in just her knickers and bra after celebrating bail charges being dropped

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-22
Daniel La Westbrook seems to have started her health trip today, and she runs in a sports bra and shorts.
Daniela used to be an Outlander, wearing matching underwear, socks and hats when she sweated over the weekend.
The former oriental actress made sure she wasn\'t hurt and she had to stretch before running.
She even called while stretching her leg muscles.
Danielle had no place to put her phone when she was wearing her pants, so she stuffed her phone into her belt to make sure it wasn\'t lost.
However, for Daniela, her workout seems to be too much because she starts catching her belly very quickly.
Perhaps Danni\'s new health approach could be due to the fact that she had to undergo surgery because of her struggle with osteoporosis, her cheekbones collapsed and her ribs were placed back in one piece.
Daniela, who appeared in the British journal good morning, explained that the problem was not due to her notorious former addiction, saying: \"Osteoporosis is caused by poor dental work.
When Suzanne asked if she had any connection with past drug use, Daniela replied: \"I get it when I take an overdose and lose my nose, after 13 years, it\'s gone.
\"I won\'t get it for the last three years.
She added in discussing her poor dental work: \"The screws they left behind, when I implanted, the bones were not close to them, which caused the blood to enter the bones, so it died.
\"It made me lose blood, it made me have bone disease and started to rot, it all comes down to this.
\"They will have to take some of my skulls, but they will use floating ribs.
She stimulated her left cheek and revealed: \"I have no cheek bone at all here, just osteoporosis, and it has nothing to do with cocaine.
Meanwhile, danilaf played with shorts while she was out at night drinking champagne to celebrate the withdrawal of bail charges.
Last month, she was arrested on suspicion of \"malicious communication and intimidation of witnesses.
Previously, the Sun revealed online that Daniela was accused of stealing £ 10,000 from a former employee.
Her friend, who \"tried to disrupt her business on social media.
According to a spokesman for the police in Hartford, Daniela is still \"under investigation\" but she takes the opportunity to celebrate that she will not be released on bail.
The troubled star went all out at Club 195 in Essex and was photographed drinking Laurent Perrier Rose champagne for £ 95 a bottle.
She also drank a bottle of Belvedere vodka worth 170 at Epping\'s nightclub.
Late last month, Daniela was also accused of driving a crime in Spain and had to spend the night in her cell.
We revealed that she had arrested a good warrant for the police\'s alleged driving offence in Spain last year.
The court granted her bail and advised that she had to return to Malaga on October to answer the charges against her. Got a story?
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