Customized volleyball uniforms (picture)

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-01
Ingor volleyball uniforms are customized by Ingor Xiaobian introduction: Volleyball is one of the ball sports. The court is rectangular with a high net in the middle. Both sides of the game (six players per side) occupy one side of the court. Call to and fro. The ball used in volleyball is made of sheepskin or artificial leather as the shell and rubber as the gallbladder. The size is similar to that of a football. Volleyball originated in the United States. In 1895, a man named William·Invented by Morgan's sports staff. At that time, tennis and basketball were very popular. Mr. Morgan thinks that basketball is too intense and tennis is too small. He wants to find an indoor entertainment project that is moderate in exercise and full of fun, and can be participated in by men, women and children. Move indoors and play with your hands on the basketball court. At the beginning of this kind of game, he hung the tennis net on the basketball court and used the basketball to play the game like tennis. Ingor volleyball sportswear/group purchase Ingor volleyball suits Ingor sportswear customized, Ingor sportswear manufacturer company has international advanced CAD, CAM computer-aided research system, has a computer design center, research and development center, plate-making proofing center, clothing display center , computer information center and after-sales service center and other perfect enterprise service system. Our pursuit of quality is almost harsh. From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, the whole process of quality assurance maintains the quality miracle of Ingor .
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