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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-07
After we entered the society, the most contacted group is probably the unit. We have been to all kinds of units, including enterprises and institutions, state organs, social organizations, etc. , most of them have a common feature, they all need uniform clothing, and Ingor is a company that provides customized sportswear for units! The custom-made sportswear for a unit is different from the general custom-made sportswear. It is more of a social attribute. How to say it? It is to design and make sportswear according to the specific attributes of the unit. For example, the catering industry should not be made into tooling, the financial industry should be made into professional clothing, the public welfare organization should have the element of love and dedication, and so on! Ingor has a number of excellent designers, who can design the most suitable clothing for the team according to different groups. Ingor has its own factory, which can quickly respond to production orders and produce high-quality clothing within the specified delivery period. , If you need customized sportswear manufacturer, please contact Ingor ! Ingor Recommended: Training clothing group purchase
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